Friday, April 8, 2011

5 For Friday

5 tips, heads up, wanted to share with you things For Friday:

1. My 2 favorite deals this week (good til Tues, 4/12) at Harris Teeter are:

McCormick Food Coloring is BOGO this week which makes it $2.50
McCormick Vanilla Extract is BOGO also this week which makes it $2.20

Buy 3 of these. I bought 2 food coloring and 1 vanilla for a total of $7.20. I used 3 of the $1 coupons from 3/13 RP and got total down to $4.20. And then at the cash register I got a Catalina for $2.50 because I bought 3 McCormick products. So I really paid 1.70 for all 3 products!!!

My other favorite deal this week was Frosted Mini Wheats are on sale this week BOGO which makes them 1.75. Use the .70 coupon from 3/27 PR and you can get them for .35 a box. Now buy 3 of these. And then at the cash register, a Catalina will print out for a free gallon of milk. So $1.05 for 3 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk!!! Now do note that this Catalina runs only until tomorrow 4/9.

2. Speaking of Harris Teeter, this morning I found wine tags for $1 off your grocery purchase of $5 or more and a tear pad from Miller with coupons for $2 off any kind of ham or turkey. Do not worry, I left plenty for ya'll.

3. Those of you who shop at Rite Aid, did you notice on the bottom of your receipt you can take a store survey and they will email you a $3 off your next $15 purchase coupon? The receipt has a code you have to enter on their site and then you tell them about your service at Rite Aid.

4. Leigh Ann emailed me this week to let me know about her new deal blog called Western Wake Wallet Savers. Raleigh folks will be interested too. Click here to check it out. She can also be found on Facebook here. I love that her posts are short and shout out good deals, freebies, and happenings at restaurants, movie theaters, and local businesses. I am sure she would love a little comment love on her new blog. . tell her I sent you. And how cute is she?

5. I am making barbq and grape jelly meatballs tonight. You mix 12 oz. bottle BBQ sauce
and 10 oz. grape jelly with a wire whisk over medium heat. Heat well. I then throw in some frozen, cooked meatballs and make sure they are heated thru and covered in the sauce. Try it. . .no one will know that it has grape jelly in it and they are yummy!! After dinner, I am headed here; come join me if interested.

Perhaps 5 For Friday will become a regular feature of The Intentional Home?? That was fun!


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