Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Game to Teach an Easter Truth

Another game we play to celebrate Easter is Egg Bowling. This game, like the Egg Spoon Race I shared yesterday, teaches an Easter truth.

Supplies Needed:

masking tape
colored, plastic Easter eggs with bouncy balls in them (a different color for each player)
1 special plastic egg for the center, like a glittery egg or extra large egg


Each player gets a plastic Easter egg (the ones with the bouncy balls in them; the balls help the eggs to roll). Tell kids to remember what color egg they have. Kids are to stand in circle around the one special Easter egg that you have placed in the center of the circle. Players take turns "bowling" to see who can roll their egg closest to the center egg.

Instead of Egg Bowling, you could play Egg Golf or Egg Hockey. You would just need a putter or a hockey stick.

After you have played this a few times, laughed, and had fun together as a family or as a neighborhood or as a Sunday School class, it is time for the zinger.

Ask the kids, "How many of us got to the egg perfectly"

Kids answer "No one. . only one person, etc."

Then you say:

"That is how it is in real life. No one is perfect.
The Bible says: 'For all have sinned (which means done wrong things) and fall short of the glory of God.' (Romans 3:23).
Only God is perfect. He is pure and holy. God has never done or said or even thought anything wrong. God hates wrong things (sin) and cannot allow them into His presence because He is perfect. And because we have all done wrong things and have sinned. Because we are not perfect and can't even work harder to get to perfect, God made a way for us to be forgiven and be with Him in perfect Heaven. That way is Jesus."

And you can just leave it at that or you can elaborate based on the kids' age and attention span. Again teaching zingers are big, abstract, glorious stuff so do not get overwhelmed that you have to present the whole Easter story or worried that your kids are not grasping it. You want exposure and little understandable bites. And the above is just that. You want your kids to remember that:

God is perfect. They are not perfect and will miss the mark (miss the egg in the center). But God has made a way for all of us to get to be with our pure, holy, perfect God. And that way is Jesus.

So tell me do you have any fun, memorable ways you teach your kids the true meaning of Easter?? Shoot me an email. leave a comment. I'd love to share your idea here on The Intentional Home.


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