Monday, April 18, 2011

Can We Couponers Help Tornado Victims?

As you readers who are local know, a tornado tore through Raleigh this past Saturday.

Lisa, a The Intentional Home blog reader and gal who took my coupon class, just emailed me telling me she is burdened to use her stockpile and coupons to reach out to local displaced families, especially those in the Stony Brook North Mobile Home Park where at least 3 children are dead. An article was written here about the destruction the tornado caused there. This article is also where I got the above picture.

I love that Lisa is allowing her heart to be burdened. That she is not pushing "that feeling" away. That she took the initiative to email me and ask that we couponers rally.

Lisa says that Brooks Elementary as well as Samaritans Purse are meeting today and tomorrow to streamline and coordinate donations in order to help this community. Lisa said she will let me know of donation drop off locations as soon as they are determined. And I will post them on my blog for ya'll. Drop off locations should be up by Wed.

But if you want to get items together and dropped off now, Lisa said we could start gathering items in her garage and she will make sure they get to the Stony Brook community. Lisa lives within a half mile of 540 and Falls of Neuse exit, off of Harps Mills Rd. Is that close to any of ya'll?? Can you email Lisa at lisamarkstodd {at} gmail {dot} com and let her know you are coming by with some items from your stockpile?

Items known to be needed at this point are: diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, feminine products, and cereal. Oh, we couponers have lots of those items, eh?? I am planning on stopping by Lisa's tonight.

As I share in my coupon class, this coupon thing can be used to not only bless our own family, but to bless our community. Small things done with great love can change the world. Let's use coupons, stockpiles, this little blog called The Intentional Home to love up on the community of Stony Brook North Mobile Home.

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  1. Heritage High School is another good drop off location. The Red Cross has established a shelter there. I received an email from my church yesterday that they needed the exact items that you mentioned so I grabbed my stockpile of toothpaste, toilet tissue, cups and juice and headed up there. There were still people checking in to the shelter.


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