Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Easter Basket Goodies and MORE at Walgreens!

This is the week to hit the drugstores.
All of them.
I told you about my CVS shop here.
And I told you about my RA shop here.
And below is my Walgreens shop. These deals are good til Sat, 4/9.

I got all the below at Walgreens for $4.10!!

Now you have to read this post here for all the ins and out of Walgreens, especially if you have never shopped WAGS before. It is way trickier than CVS and RA.

The one thing is you CANNOT go in and buy 2 of the Pantenes that are on sale 2 for $7 and use 2 of the $2 qs from PG home mailers and get it for 2 for $3. And then get $2 in RR. No, you have to have one more item than the number of coupons you have. So since you are using 2 coupons, you need 3 items. So throw in a cheap filler item (there are a lot of toys 75% off at my Rite Aid).

Another thing is you cannot pay with a RR and expect to get a RR if they are from the same company. This would apply to the Pantene and Gillette razor deal below. Both are PG items. So you cannot pay for the Gillette razor with the Pantene RR. But you could pay for the Gillette razor with the Colgate RR since Gillette and Colgate are different companies. Perhaps it is really time for another drugstore only class, eh?

So be sure you think thru your transactions so that all coupons will be accepted and you do not pay more than you expect.

Here are the other deals I was excited about at Walgreens:

Easter Candy is 39 cents. Use the $1 off 2 coupon from 4/3 SS and you get overage of 20 cents!

Gillette Razor is on sale for 9.99. Use the $5 q from PG home mailer and you get it for 4.99 and then you get $5 in RR so it is like getting it for free!

Crayola's Color Wonder To Go Sets are on sale 2 for $3. Use the $1 and $2 coupons from 4/3 SS and you can get 2 sets for free.

Colgate is on sale for 2.99. Use the .75 coupon from 4/3 SS and get price down to $2.24 adnd then get $3 back in RR. So it is a money maker!!

But again, it is not that simple. . you cannot go in and pick up one item and use one coupon.

Again, read my Walgreen tips here.

Let me know if you go!

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  1. I was always under the impression that you needed equal items and coupons, not one additional item - that's the way it seems to work for me at my local WAGS. Great post though!


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