Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hide and Seek Easter Game

Here's one more fun, memorable way to teach your kids the true meaning of Easter.

All you need is a stuffed animal, doll, Playmobil figure to be Jesus and a tomb built out of couch pillows.

You first have your kids "take Jesus off the cross" and put Him in the tomb and then seal the tomb with a big rock, really another pillow.

Your kids are then to "go to sleep" and keep their eyes closed while you sneak Jesus out the back of the tomb and go and hide him.

When they "awake", your kids go to the tomb. One kid is an angel who rolls the stone away and announces the resurrection.

Everyone then goes searching throughout the house looking for Jesus. It's like hide and seek and the the kids ask to play over and over.

Here's our family playing, plus a neighbor friend. My Anna made this video.

If you are getting this post in email, you will want to click the blue title of the post "Hide and Seek Easter Game" so you will be taken to my actual blog and you can watch the short video; that way you'll know exactly how to play (wink, wink).


Happy Easter from our family to yours!!
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  1. Thank you Su, I needed to hear those encouraging words tonight. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers:) God bless.



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