Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Did You Do at Harris Teeter Super Doubles?

Did you go to Harris Teeter Super Doubles today?

Tell me how you did, especially you newbies!!

I just got back. I got $57.97 worth of groceries for only $1.02. That is a savings of 98%!!!

I got milk, coffee creamer, water, chips, yogurt, frozen veggies, syrup and a few other goodies!! And I cannot find my camera cord to take a picture. But ya'll send me your pics and I'll post them!!

To figure out your savings you would:

1. Add what you spent with what you saved, which is the "coupons tendered" # only.

So I would get 1.02 + 56.95 = 57.97
So you see, I got $57.97 worth of groceries for $1.02!!!

2. Then you take the amount you spent and divide it by that # you just got in Step 1.

So I would do 1.02 Divided By 57.97 = .017. Then move the decimal 2 places to the right

3. Then you subtract the # you got in Step 2 and you see the percentage you saved.

So I would do 100-1.7 (round up to 2)= 98

Or a much simpler way, is to plug all your #s into this spreadsheet and it will calculate the total % for you as well as other totals.

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  1. My mom works customer service for Harris Teeter and called this morning to tell me to hold off. Harris Teeter is BUSY today, understandably. She suggested waiting until Monday because by 9am many of the items were out of stock.I cant wait to get up there and see how I'll make out though!


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