Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Couponer Gets All This For Free!

Stacey took my coupon class in February and has begun stockpiling with lots of success!

Above are all the items she got for free within the last 2 weeks. She hit Walmart, Target, CVS, and Harris Teeter and only paid taxes for the above.

Now Stacey did admit that she actually got bummed that she had to miss out on a few amazing, free deals since the coupons required were from before she attended the class and therefore before she had started collecting coupons. And that is exactly why I recommend that you stick with this couponing thing for 12-16 weeks before giving up.

After about 4 months of couponing is when you will start seeing the benefit of your stockpile and really see a decrease in your weekly bill.

Also around the 4 month mark is when you will have most of the coupons the websites are talking about. So when you first begin, you will only be able to get a handful of deals, but in 12-16 weeks, you will be able to get a cartload. So I can just imagine the pictures Stacey will send me after about 4 months.

For more Couponing 101 tips. . for how to build a stockpile. . for the how tos when you are just starting out with couponing, click here and here.


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