Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zyrtec Deal at Rite Aid!!

If you use Zyrtec, head to Rite Aid. You can get a 14 tablet pack of Zyrtec for only $3.50 instead of the normal $15!!!

You will need to do 3 transactions.

1st transaction. Do not forget to scan you Wellness UP card before each transaction.

Buy 2 of the 14 packs of Zyrtec that are on sale for 12.99 each. Use the $6 off coupon from 1/9 SS or 2 of the $3 coupons from 3/13 SS. (If you do not have these coupons, there are blinkies in the store for $2 off. . so you could use 2 of those and just pay $2 more out of pocket than me.) Also use the 2 $1 off any non-prescription purchase coupons you can print out after you watch Rite Aid videos. Click here if you do not know what I am talking about. The 2 $1 off coupons are under the Rite Aid Pharmacy box. (May be time I do another drugstore class, eh??)

So your total will be 25.98 minus $6, minus $1, minus $1 = 17.98 real money out of pocket. But you will get back $3 UPS for each Zyrtec so $6 and you will get a $5 UP for buying at least $25 worth of allergy product (see flier).

Then purchase 2 more Zyrtecs for 25.98. Use another $6 off coupon and the 11 UPs from transaction 1 and get total down to 8.98 real money. But you get back $3 UPS for each Zyrtec so $6. Now, I thought I was going to get another $5 UP, but I did not. The manager said those collective UP rewards are 1 per household. So I said ok. . but if you go and do this deal and you get more than one $5 UP for buying $25 worth of product, then email me because I will call and get mine!!! and the deal will be even sweeter!!! I mean this is why I am breaking it up into 3 transactions each totaling just over $25. So try it and let me know. But let's assume you do not.

So then for transaction 3, go buy 2 more Zyrtecs at 25.98. Use $6 coupon and the $6 from Transaction 2 and you get total down to 13.98.

So for 40.94, you got 84 tablets (6 packs of 14 tablets) which is about half price. BUT it gets even better when you go here and submit your receipts for a $20 Rite Aid gift card because you bought $75 worth of allergy medicine. So really you are getting 84 tablets for 20.94!! which is a little over 75% off!!

Let me know if you go do this deal!!


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