Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harris Teeter Triples Reports

Melissa emailed me the below picture of her Harris Teeter Triples shop. She spent only $3.85 for all the below!!! She saved $66.11, a savings of 94%!!

Here is my shop from yesterday. I spent $5.77 for all the below. I saved $49.88, a savings of 90%!!

If you need help finding your % of savings, click here.

And my sister emailed me her shop totals. Her first shop she spent 63 cents!! for 20 items and on her second trip, she spent $2.15 for 20 items!

Tell me, how did you do??


  1. Where are the oatmeal coupons? It did not look to be a good deal on price?
    And the Silk Almond Milk - all I can find are $1 on and that makes it $1.50 each - not a great deal? Do you know where to find these?

  2. Hey-

    The oatmeal coupons were 75 cents peelies. The Silk Milk. . I am not sure, Melissa. . .can you tell us where you got them? I do know that that silk milk is all Melissa's boy drinks. . so perhaps she emailed company and asked for coupons.

  3. Well we saved fairly well this week, but then again we seemed to have been out of everything so we had to shop for some non-sale items as well. Over all we saved a bit over 70% on the total bill, and that included bread, milk and a few deli items I think we did good. Best if luck next week!
    -Amy W.


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