Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Your All You Subscription About to Expire?

In the mail yesterday came an expiration alert from All You. Only one issue remains in my subscription.

Since many of you ordered All You when I did, I thought I would remind you that I am offering HERE a chance to renew your subscription for only 83 cents an issue. . which beats what the expiration alert is offering ($1 an issue). Just make sure you get your renewal shipped to the exact same name and address as your original subscription.

And if you would like a new subscription to All You, you can get one too. All You (as I share in my Couponing 101 class) is a magazine with money saving tips and coupons! There's between $50 to over $90 in coupons in each issue. You can buy it at Walmart single issue ($2.24) or you can get a better deal here!

I just reordered mine. . .and at the end of checking out, I was offered a chance to buy upto 3 magazine subscriptions for only $5 each. . .just as a way of thanking me.

So I got This Old House, 10 issues for $5!!


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