Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5 for Today and I need your advice on 3

Summer time. . all the kids home. .and my family still in major transition and adjustment has me not posting as regularly as I would like. Just wait til the kids are back in school :) But for now, I did want to share a few things.

1. I was in Target this morning. The Benadryl Itch Relief Sticks are regularly priced at $2.29. Use the $2 coupon from 6/19 RP and you get them for 29 cents. . .that is some cheap mosquito bite relief!

Speaking of Benadryl and mosquito bites, my 2 younger boys and I have tried everything on the market and have not found a product that keeps the mosquitoes away. I mean some work better than others. . .but I have not found anything I really love. Do you have any tips, suggestions, products, etc for keeping the mosquitoes from biting?? My husband insists on Vitamin B. . .but he does not get eaten. . . Please tell me what you do!! Email me or leave a comment.

2. Target also has all their summer merchandise 50% off. The signs say 30%. . but the prices scan at 50% off. We got big squirt guns for $2 and colorful striped napkins and plates for 75 cents each. Tons of summer entertaining items, beach towels, pool toys are clearanced.

3. And this applies to all stores. . not just Target: check your receipts. 2 items rang up for higher than they were marked on the shelves. I had to go to customer service to get $4 back. My son said, "Mom, I think this happens every time we go shopping." Check your receipts.

4. I need some good dress shoes. . cute ones. . but ones that I can stand in for 4-5 hours. Ones that do not hurt my feet. After teaching a class, I come home and my feet hurt so badly. Do any of you have any dress shoes that you love. . .that feel good, provide support, and look good? I think at this point, price is not even a consideration anymore. Just cute and keep my feet from hurting.

5. We are looking for a 15 passenger van. .a church bus. . a school activity bus. . a daycare van. . ..a mystery machine. . .something big. We can all fit into our Toyota Sienna but with Rob and me in front, Galeta and J each in a carseat in the middle row. . that means my big kids are all in the back row. . and Anna and David are the size of adults now. Plus there is no room for luggage. And I do think if we could spread out a little, there would be less fighting on long car trips. So if you happen to see a deal somewhere on a big vehicle. . .will you shoot me an email??


  1. Mosquitos hate the smell of soap. If we are all out on the deck we set out a bowl of soapy water (dawn works) . I also use OFF products if I'm going for a run.

    If this doesn't work, grab the after bite!

  2. Mosquitos- dryer sheets. Rub all over with 1-2 sheets before going out.
    Shoes- difficult to find (ie. have to troll ebay), but anything Isaac Mizrahi for Target with a kitten heel. If you're a size 9, I happen to have a black pair that I ordered in the wrong size by mistake. bucketgirl1(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  3. Dansko shoes are awesome! I have plantar fasciitis and can't go barefooted at all. They are the only shoes I wear. They sell them at The Walking Company in Cary Towne Center. They have lots of clog styles but they have come out with dressy ones too. I can't say enough about them. They are very expensive but well worth the money. They range from $110 to $140 or so.

  4. Tom's has a cute open toe wedge (heel is about 2 1/2 -3") with the great insole. They are $69 and come in red, coral, slate, navy and white stripe and I think a brown. They are very comfortable. They sell them at Shi (Crabtree) and Bevello(Cameron Village).


  5. I would recommend Danskos as well - try them on in Raleigh and order from 6pm.com at half off. The website doesn't carry the "original" style of them, but they do have other cute style just as comfortable. Merrell's are also very comfortable.

  6. Hey there! When my brother was overseas in the military my mom used to send him skin so soft oil from Avon for bugs, they swear it works! -Becky F

  7. Rite Aid pharmacist swears by Vit B! -JM

  8. Hi Su,

    I loved my Dansko shoes when I was teaching. They are not cheap, but last and last. I wore mine everyday for several years and never had to replace them. You will have to "break them in" before they're super comfy, but even out of the box I thought they felt supportive and good on my feet. They are sold at Great Outdoor Provision Co. and REI (and probably a lot of other places, too), but once you know what you like you could also find them online maybe for less $.

    Thanks for all your energy and wonderful posts!


  9. Hey Su-

    My family and I use 2 different types of mos. repellent. First is Skin so Soft, the one from Avon. The next good one is actual Listerine Mouthwash. I put listerine in a water bottle and spray all over the kids clothes or around our picnic table. I dont know what the mosq. dont like about it but they stay away. My son is allergic to mosq. so we have tried it all and have found these 2 things the best plus kind of really cheap when you think about how much repellents are. Take care and i hope this helps.

    Wilson, NC

  10. For your own yard, the mosquito authority cannot be beat - we just started using their service and my kids NEVER get bitten in the yard anymore. it is WONDERFUL!

    Have a great day!


  11. Hey Su!!

    We use Avon’s Bug Guard Plus which I LOVE for several reasons. 1) There is no deet in it so you don’t have to worry about how long it stays on you or your kids! 2) It comes with sunscreen which is wonderful! 3) It comes in sprays or lotions which are great for the beach, lake, or pool. I use it all the time at my house because we are overrun with mosquitoes and myself and my 4 year-old get carried off if we don’t have it on. Works GREAT!! Hope this helps!

    Fran (Class Attendee from a couple years back)

  12. I have no remedy for mosquitoes and know nothing about cars that carry more than 4 people, but I can recommend Clarks as being super comfortable, stylish, and good for the feet. Merrell and Dansko are both very good as well, I agree.


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