Monday, July 18, 2011

Trying to Keep Calm, Patient, and Carry On. . .

My husband and my Anna (14) and my David (turning 12 this week) are in Costa Rica for 10 days with Pura Vida Ministries . . helping to build a library, loving up on lots of kids, and looking for where God is at work and hoping to join Him.

I am home with Brooke (10), Galeta (7), and Jonathan (4).

This seems like the perfect time to write a post on:

Raising Kids that Change the World

Teaching your Kids How to Hear God's Voice

How to Give Your Kids a Larger World View
How Your Family Can Make a Difference (even with little ones!)

All these topics are fresh in my heart and I am passionate about raising the next generation, but I think I best not be blogging this week and just aim to:

I am trying not to yell at the kids. Trying to stay emotionally even keeled. My goal over the next 10 days is what Kat over at the blog Inspired to Action shares in her post:

How to Be a More Patient Mom in Just 24 hours

With summer in full swing and all the kids home, I thought you might like to read it too.

I will be back blogging after these 10 days are over. . .so around the first of August. However, I have set up a Facebook page for The Intentional Home and hope to share over there any deal alerts, links, heads up, etc. that I stumble upon. Today I shared on Facebook about the free toothbrushes I got at HT. Check out my facebook page here.


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