Friday, September 16, 2011

5 for Friday

Happy Friday! Here's 5 things I wanted to share with you:

1. Look what I found at a yard sale last weekend:

It was only $5 and it is HUGE!! I so think big accent pieces/art are more visually appealing than smaller decorations. . .they just make an stronger impact in your home decor than a bunk of little knickkancks (unless you group a lot of smaller decorations together so visually it looks like a big accent piece).

The lady who I bought this from used it as a Christmas wreath on the side of her house. I could so see it with a mirror behind it. Ideas are brewing. . of course for me and my house, I will be changing the color with some spray paint. You got any ideas of what to do with this??

2. Speaking of spray paint, today is the last day to vote in Krylon's Spray Paint Contest.

Would you mind clicking HERE and voting for me one last time? It'll take 30 seconds and you just might win a 6 pack of Krylon spray paint and I just might win an ipad. Could you do it now and then come back and read #s 3-5?? Thanks!!!

3. I am back to teaching again. I had taken a break to adjust/transition/bond when our newest son came home from Ethiopia, but now I am starting back.

I will be teaching a coupon class at Forest Hills Baptist Church in Raleigh this coming Thurs, Sept 22. This class is open to the public and you can just come and pay at the door!! All details can be found here: Coupon Class in Raleigh. Let me know if you plan to come and I will send you a list of what to bring to class!

4. We have started to receive a fresh produce box each week from Lee's Produce. . .a blog reader turned me onto them. Lee's Produce delivers fresh, local veggies and fruits to your doorstep each week. There is no sign up fee. . you can skip weeks at no charge. .and you can cancel at anytime. There are 3 boxes to choose from each week ($18, $23, $25).

picture from Pinterest but it originally came from Karen's blog The Art of Doing Stuff

In this week's box, there were sweet potatoes. . .and we made baked sweet potato fries. . and LOVED them (not quite as good as real fries, but so much healthier!) We used this recipe from The Art of Doing Stuff. And Karen who shared her recipe is so right. . go light on the cornstarch and use more olive oil than you use cornstarch. . .there is definitely a learning curve. . go very, very light on the cornstarch. And for us, we had to bake 20 minutes to get them crunchy. . .but they were yummy!!

5. This is certainly not an original idea. They are being pinned all over Pinterest and popping up on blogs, but with their happy colors, I had to make one too. . .actually we all had to make one!

I have shared before about Soutter Family Canvas Night and this was what we did at our last canvas night!! Talk about instant gratification (which is sometimes hard to come by with art)!!

And all ages can do this!! And even boys like it because it involves a hairdryer and destroying things (close enough. .you melt the crayons and let the wax melt).

I need to take pics of the final product. . I 'll post those later, but if you want to make a melted crayon project of your own, check out one of my favorite crafty blogs, Whatever. I actually check this blog everyday. It makes me smile. Meg likes color like me. She has beautiful pictures of her melted crayon project here. And let me know if you make one!


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