Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get 2 Free ECBs (CVS money)!

This past June, CVS launched a campaign called “Money Trashers” to help encourage people from throwing away their ExtraBucks Rewards. You may remember that the ECBS were printed in a large bold font and the cashiers would put little "$" stickers next to the ECBS.

After a positive response to the first phase of the campaign, CVS has decided to reignite the “Money Trashers” campaign. This time around CVS is encouraging customers to be one of the first 500,000 to take a pledge at to NOT be a “MoneyTrasher”. When you pledge, you’ll receive $2 in ExtraBucks Rewards!(ECBs)!

So visit CVS here and click on the horizontal red bar that says "Pledge NOT to be a Money Trasher". If you are one of the first 500,000 to enter your ECB card # and email address, you will get $2 ECBs sent to your email. I just did it. . they are at 64, 024 right now.

Also remember to check the bottom of your receipt starting this Saturday for quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards that are like “free CVS money” you can spend on almost anything in the store!

Did anyone go to CVS this week?? There are a number of freebies this week. Those of you who just took my coupon class, this week would be a great week to try your hand at CVS. Click here or here for the deals.


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