Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Coupon Book Do You Prefer? {Citipass, Attractions, or Entertainment}

Are your kids selling those coupon books to fundraise for their schools? You know the books full of dining and shopping coupons from area merchants.

My David is selling the Attractions coupon book to raise money for his middle school.
The book sells for $25 and boasts $4, 221 worth of savings.

My niece is selling the Citipass book to raise money for her elementary school. The book costs $25 too and boasts over $8,300 worth of savings.
And then there is the Entertainment book . . no kid has knocked on my door yet with these, but you can buy it online (as is true for the other 2 books too). The Entertainment book sells for $35 and states it has over $12,600 worth of local coupons.

Do you buy these coupon books? Which one do you prefer?

I know for sure that I get my $25 or $35 worth. I definitely use more than $25 or $35 worth of coupons out of these books so I view myself as "making money", but which one makes me the most money. Which one do I benefit the most from?

I decided to do a comparison of the 3 books ( note I compared my area's books: Greater Raleigh, NC).

My favorite coupons in the Attractions book are:

Ace Hardware (1) $5 off $25 and (1) $10 off $50 which Home Depot will take competitor's coupons so I use these Ace Hardware coupons at Home Depot.

Dick's Sporting Goods (4) $10 off $50

Hallmark $2 off $10 OR $5 off $25

CVS (2) $5 off $20 or more, 10 free prints, $25 gift card with new or transferred prescription

Walgreens $5 off $25, 15% off entire purchase, 7 cent photos (upto 200),

Michaels 40% off and AC Moore 40% off which I know you can print these off the computer or get from the Sunday paper, but some weeks they do not offer 40% off coupons.

Bed Bath Beyond $5 off $15
My favorite coupons in the Citipass book are:

AC Moore 40% off. . .this is the same as Attractions. . Citipass does not have the Michaels coupon though.

Ace Hardware (2) $5 off $25 and (2) $10 off $50. . .so double what you get in the Attractions book

Dick's Sporting Goods (4) $10 off $50 (same as Attractions)

Hallmark $5 off $25 (same as Attractions)

Kroger (4 )$5 off $50. . this is huge for me!! That is $20 worth of free groceries. And you can use these at Harris Teeter because Harris Teeter takes competitor's coupons for $ off a purchase.

Vertical Urge/Project 58 skateboard coupons. These are on page 315 and I will so trade you any Citipass or Attractions coupons or any newspaper coupons for these 2 coupons. If you are not going to use these, would you email me and lets work out something?? My hubby and son skate every Tues afternoon at Project 58 and could so put these to use!!

Walgreens(1) $5 off $20, (2) $2 off $10, 20 free photos (in my opinion, these qs are better than the Attractions Walgreens qs.. you save more money. . and have to spend less to do so)

And the Entertainment book. . the only coupons that caught my eye were

Gap $15 off $75 purchase
Aeropostale $10 off $50 purchase
Joann's Craft and Fabric 10% off total purchase

and all 3 of these coupons (and even better ones) can be found online or are often snail mailed to you. . .plus this book is $10 more! None of the coupons I listed above under the Attractions and Citipass book are found in the Entertainment book.

So. . .

My favorite coupon book is the Citipass book. The Kroger coupons (which can be used at HT), the double Ace Hardware coupons (which can be used at Home Depot), and the better Walgreens coupons, and the skateboard coupons are deal clenchers for me.

The only thing the Attractions book has over the Citipass book is a Michaels 40% coupon, the CVS coupons, and the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. . .so I did buy that book too (plus this is the one my son is selling). . .but if I could only buy one, it would be the Citipass coupon book.

Tell me. . .do you buy these books? Which coupons do you use? Which book do you prefer?


  1. We love the Citipass books! I've always bought one from a neighbor, but my new kindergartner is now selling them. Honestly, it's how we decide where to eat out. We typically eat out once a week as a family and it really helps with expenses. I've not heard great things about the Entertainment book and I've never see the Attractions book. Glad you sent this - I wasn't even thinking about using the Kroger coupons at HT, but I will now! :)

  2. I'm so glad you did some comparing. I thought I liked the Citipass one better, and now I know why! -Carla

  3. I also prefer the citipass book. My friends and I sit down and trade coupons from the book. One time a random dad saw us, ran to his car and offered to trade with us!

    I love those kroger Qs and use them at HT too. Other faves for me: sports clips, jjs kids cuts, roly poly. I will gladly trade coupons with you.


  4. Shannon emailed me to let me know that there is a 4th book called Enjoy the City. Her kid's preschool sells that one. It is only $20.

    Hot coupons are a variety (12) McD coupons, 12 BK coupons, Dominos (12 Q), Arbys (12 Q), Subway (4) , Qdoba (2) Roly Poly (2 BIGI Qs), Uno, Sweet Tomatoes, Q Shack, Red Bowl, Dunkin Donuts, Maggie Moos, Brusters, Jumpin Beans, Mudcats, Jellybeans, AMF bowling, Monkey Joes, Great Clips, Dicks ($10 off $50 - 6 Qs), Sports Clips, car rentals, etc.

    And if you buy this year's book, you get the 2011 book for free; there are still 3 months left on the 2011 book. The 2011 book has a free oil change coupon in the front worth $20.

    Email Shannon at slbsis at aol dot com if you want that coupon book.

  5. N&O subscribers can get the Attractions Book for 50% off. Just go to the N&O Zone.

  6. You can also access coupons from The Entertainment book if you are a Time Warner customer. See my blog for all the details. My favorite from that is a BOGO at the Durham Museum.

    I always buy the Citipass book every year too. Love it!


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