Friday, October 14, 2011

5 for Friday & a little coupon love for 2 of you

Giveaway is now closed. . but you will still want to read the below to find out where you can find and sign up for extra coupons. The winners of the Coupon Love Giveaway are Leanne and Beth.

5 for Friday time!! And today's 5 are 5 places to get coupons from, beyond your Sunday

1. Lowes Food currently has a "Falls Savings" coupon booklet out right now. I found them in a cardboard display that was right there when you walked thru the automatic doors. . where the carts are. This was at the Lowes on Capital where AC Moore and Target are. All 19 coupons in this booklet are manufacturer coupons so you can use then at any store. There are coupons for Sunmaid raisins, Crisco Oil, Smuckers, Del Monte, Sorrento, Klondike, and more. . .they are good coupons.

2. P&G has another Home Made Simple Coupon booklet out with $35 worth of coupons in it. Click here to get one mailed to you.

3. Kmart also has a coupon booklet out. This booklet can be found near customer service in a little bookshelf. At least that is where these were at the Kmart on Six Forks. Most of the coupons in this booklet at Kmart coupons, but in the back are manufacturer coupons that can be used at any store. These coupons are for Jergens, Curel, John Frieda, and Axe. All these coupons expire 11/5.

4. Check out your pediatrician's office!! We went this week to get some vaccinations and at the check in counter were tear pads of coupons and good ones too!! Advil $2 off, Activa (the yogurt) $1 off, All laundry detergent $1 off, and Eat Think Smile Granola Bars $1 off.

333686: The Coupon Mom"s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in HalfThe Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half

By Stephanie Nelson
5. And go check out the book The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half by Stephanie Nelson (click the title above, that is an affiliate link if you are interested in buying a copy of the book, but I just checked it out of the library).

In the back of this book, Stephanie Nelson has 2 appendixes:

1. Organic and Natural Food Companies that Mail Free Coupons in Response to E-mail Requests
2. Companies the Mail Coupons in Response to Email-Request via Their Website

Stephanie shares in her book that her team sent emails to 81 companies and 49 sent free coupons in the mail to her team. That's 60%. She says that they received $178 worth of coupons and $52 worth of totally free items (that's on page 73 of her book). So start contacting those companies.

Soooo. . I of course picked up an extra Lowes Fall Savings booklet, and an extra Kmart booklet, and some extra coupons at my pediatrician's office to give to 2 of you!! Plus I have some other coupon love to share with 2 of you. . . like the recent issue of All You!!

So leave me a comment. . .ask me a coupon question, ask me a non coupon question, tell me something you want to see on this blog, or just talk to me. .and I will have pick 2 of you and I will send you an envelope of coupon love. You have til Sunday midnite to enter. I'll contact the winners Monday morning.

And if you need help leaving a comment, see this post here. It really is quite easy. Those of you who receive my blog posts via email or in a reader. . .you will need to click over to my actual blog to leave a comment (just click the title of this blog post to be taken to the actual post).


  1. I went to your coupon class before and you told of a deal on how to get the N and O discounted price; something BIGIF or half off. I got something in the paper about 13 weeks for 13 dollars. Any other better deals if I want it longer?
    Leanne (

  2. I have to buy an expensive formula(@ $30) for my son. The other day, I was able to get 1 can for free from CVS using coupons and Extra Care Bucks! To do so, I bought 2 cans of formula and used: 2 $5 off Similac coupons, 1 CVS $5 off $25 purchase coupon, and $15 ECBs that I had earned. Thank you Su for teaching me the in's and out's of couponing!!!

  3. Hey, No question here, but wanted you to know I miss seeing you around on Sundays like I use to :( Hope all is well with your family. Thanks for the updates and facebook tips :)
    Candace Chitsaz

  4. I keep looking forward to a post on organized simplicity. It was such a good read for me!

  5. Got the package of coupons in the mail Friday... Thanks!! Clipping and organizing coupons this afternoon and have chicken, salsa and black beans in crockpot for dinner!! It's an Intentional Home kind of day!! ;)


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