Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My CVS Shop This Week: good til Sat., 10/15

If you are on Facebook and you checked out The Intentional Home's page today, you saw the deal I got on 4 bigs bags of pretzel MMs at CVS this morning.

What I did was buy 4 big bags of pretzel MMs for $10. They are on sale 2/$5. I used 4 of the $1 coupons from 9/11 RP which brought the total down to $6. Then I got back $3 in ECBs.

This was all I could do at CVS this morning because they were out of the Pur-Absorb Iron and out of Betty Crocker Brownies. . . those coupon gurus got there before me :) This was the CVS on Old Wake Forest Rd, near the hospital. . so do not go there unless you just want to get rainchecks. . .which would be great and you could do the deal above and below next week.

Then J and I went to Chuck E. Cheese. Tuesdays are J and mommy day. 45 minutes, $3 on tokens, and J felt loved!! Plus no one was there on this Tuesday morning.

On the way home, I stopped at the CVS on Capital (the one down the street from Chuck E. Cheese) to see if they had the Pur-Absorb Iron that is $15.99 this week with $15.99 in ECBS. They did!! (But I did get the last one). And the Betty Crocker Brownie mix; they did!!

So what I did was

Buy the Pur-Absorb Iron (which I need. . .just found out I am anemic) for $15.99
Buy 6 of the brownie mixes for $6. .they are on sale for $1 a piece.

That brought my total to 21.99.

I used the $5 off $20 CVS coupon in the Attractions book. I used the $2 iron coupon that was in the box (I asked, they did not mind me opening the box to get the coupon out). And I used 3 of the 75/2 brownie mix coupons from 8/28SS. This brought my total down to $12.74.

I then paid with the $4 ECBs that I got from the MM deal this morning (well, 3 ECBs were from the MMs and 1 ECB was for using my green bag tag) and got my total down to $8.74, $9.88 with tax. BUT I got back $15.99 in ECBS.

So for $16 out of pocket I got

6 boxes of brownie mix, 4 bags of MMs, and Pur-Absorb iron

BUT got back $15.99 in ECBS. . so it really is like getting all the above for FREE!!!

Did you go to CVS this week? Are you planning to? Tell me about your deals!!

And you know I do teach a Drugstore Exclusive Class. If I have enough interest, I will hold a class. Do you think it is time to offer that class again? Click here for class details if interested. And email me your thoughts. . or leave a comment.


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