Thursday, November 24, 2011

Advent Calendar with Books

Each December 1st, the first thing to come down from the attic is our Christmas Book Box.

It is filled with 24 Christmas books and I wrap them all. I will do that tomorrow night as Rob is setting up our tree and putting on the lights.

Beginning on December 1st, one of my kids picks a “present” from the box, unwraps it, and then we read it together. It is such a sweet way to end the day together.

The remaining wrapped books tell us how many more days til Christmas.

If you did not have 24 Christmas books, you could just start the book countdown on Dec 20. And wrap 5 books and read one a night.

Or until you obtained your own book collection, you could check out Christmas books from the library and wrap them individually.

Some of our books are classics such as Twas the Night Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

One of my kids' favorites is the Golden Book titled The Sweet Smells of Christmas. It has scratch and sniff stickers on each page. Some books are more suitable for J, my 4 year old. Some more appropriate for the older kids.

Some of the books in our book basket are:

918453: The Story of ChristmasThe Story of Christmas
by Patricia A. Pingry is a quick read, board book for 1-5 year olds

306299: Santa, Are You For Real? Board BookSanta, Are You For Real?
by Harold Myra shares who the real St. Nick was, when he lived, and why he gave gifts.

04462: The Legend of the Christmas Tree--BoardbookThe Legend of the Christmas Tree
by Rick Osborne is a quick read, board book of how the evergreen tree first became a symbol of Christmas and a way to tell people about God.

318070: The Crippled LambThe Crippled Lamb
by Max Lucado is a fiction story about a disabled lamb who finds he has a special purpose and place in this world, for older kids.

A Christmas Story: From Creation to the Savior’s Birth by Susie Poole, great for elementary age kids.

One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham is a fiction story for older elementary and middle school kids as it is complex and lengthy. The Christmas story is shared, beginning with the Creation and ending with the Resurrection

No idea is original, eh? I think I first heard about this idea when I was in a MOPS group when Anna was 3 years old, that was 11 years ago.

A quick google search brought up this post by Rebecca at Simple as That and this post by Melissa at 320 Sycamore. Both are worth checking out if you want to incorporate this idea into your home. And there's an Advent Calendar linky challenge at the CSI Project where there are all kind of ideas to count down the days til Chrismas.

So do you have a favorite Christmas book? What Christmas books do you remember reading as a child or what ones do you read to your kids? Tell me. I'd love to add some new books to my Christmas Book Box this year.


  1. An Orange for Frankie is my favorite Christmas book for children. A story that inspires my children to give to those less fortunate. Love this post and I am totally doing it this year!


  2. Just found this blog. How timely! I have 2 granddaughters, 9 & 3 yo. I am a former kindergarten/middle school teacher. Two of my favorites are Jan Brett's Twelve Days of Christmas and The Mitten (more winter season than Christmas). Brett's illustrations are gorgeous and she has a sub-story going on in the side panels which can make the activity interactive if you let the kids tell that word-less story.

    I'm taking your list as a start of an Advent book box for my grandkids. Thanks for the idea!


  3. Hi Su! I just saw your post from last year about the book advent calendar!! I love this idea. Thank you for your blog and just being you and sharing all your tips with us. - Emily Smith


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