Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5. . .no. . .7 for Wednesday

I know I have been usually doing 5 for Friday. . but I wanted to share today! So it is 5 for Wednesday.

1. Melissa just emailed letting me know she spotted The Penguin in the freezer aisle of her Harris Teeter at Stonehenge. The penguin is a big 4 foot cardboard penguin full of tear pad coupons. Have you run into The Penguin anywhere else?

2. On Facebook, I just asked: What is your favorite Christmas stocking stuffer? I'd love to hear your ideas. What did you always get as a kid? What do you always put in your kids' stockings? Tell me. . leave a comment, email me, or post on The Intentional Home Facebook page. And then check out the list Jenna over at Jenna's Journey made: a list of 150 Stocking Stuffer ideas.

3. Check out the list of items I am selling. I have updated the list, removed all items that sold and added new items. Remember 20% off for all The Intentional Home blog readers. Here are some pics of a few of the items. . click here to see all the items, descriptions, and prices.

4. I updated the list of Fun Christmas Events around Raleigh. Ya'll have sent me info on even more events, more live nativities, and my favorite: more private home light displays! All these have been added to the list. Go check it out! And if you have anything else to add, please leave a comment or email me. I am especially looking for directions/addresses of fabulous neighborhood/private home light displays!

5. Target has another coupon out for get a $10 giftcard when you spend $50. This coupon is good Dec 7 through Dec 10 (so today, Wed-Sat).

2 more things so let's make it 7 for Wednesday:

6. This Friday I will be posting many ideas on how to make Christmas meaningful for our children (and us!). With holiday party invites, shopping, baking, to-do lists, Christmas programs at school, etc, this does take some intentionality. I'd love to hear your ideas and if I include them in my post, I'll send you a little love gift in the mail :)

7. Are you a "No-Reply comment" blogger? When I get the comments you leave on my blog in my email box, so many of you have a "No-Reply" email address. I wonder if this is intentional. It would be so much easier to respond back to you if you would change your "No-Reply comment" blogger status. Polly at Make Mine Beautiful has a great post to help you with this, check it out here.

I do so enjoy sharing with ya'll and hearing from ya'll. . .I like this little ol' blog.


  1. I like this blog too! You always have such great ideas and are so encouraging!

  2. I'm bummed peeps didn't share stocking stuffers. I need some for a work thing!

  3. few people left some ideas on facebook. . but check out that list of 150 ideas at the link above


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