Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cheap & Good Stocking Stuffers at Rite Aid!!

Went to Rite Aid tonight to pick up a prescription and did a little shopping! I was so excited about the deals I got. . .great and cheap stocking stuffers!! These deals are good til Sat, 12/24.
  • Mentos UP2U gum is on sale for $1. Use the $1q from 10/9 SS and get a pack for free. Have 4 coupons, get 4 packs free. Have 10 coupons, get 10 packs free! There is no limit since this is just a sale + coupon transaction. I got 10 packs. . 2 for each kid's stocking. At my Rite Aid, this gum was not at the front of the store; it was on the candy aisle.
  • Orbit Gum is on sale for $1, but you get $1 UP back so essentially it is free. Limit of 3 packs.
  • Kleenex is on sale 5/$5 (gotta buy 5) and there is a coupon for 50/3 in the 12/4 SS which makes 5 boxes $4.50 or 90 cents a box. . . not a great deal, but better than $2.29 a box and we were in need.
  • And then this deal is the one I am super excited about: Arm & Hammer Spinbrushes are on sale BOGO. They are normally $9.49. You have to buy 2. One rings up for $9.49 and one rings up for $0. There is also a UP Rewards deal that when you spend $10, you get $5 +UP Rewards (Limit 4 deals).

SO what I did was buy 8 Spinbrushes/Replacement heads. So $9.49 x 4 = $38. I used 8 of the $1 qs from 12/11 SS and 10/23 SS to get the total down to $30. I got back $15 in UP Rewards since I spent $38 (that is three $10. . so I got three $5 UPs back). These UPs have too be used later but it is really like getting the toothbrushes for $15. And then I will send in the mail-in-rebate that was in the 12/11 SS insert: Buy 8 products, get $10 rebate. So I really got 8 battery toothbrushes for $5. So that is 63 cents a piece!!!!!

I do have one $1 Spinbrush coupon left over and 2 of those rebates (buy 2 products, get back $2 or buy 3 products, get back $3 or buy 5 products, get $5 or buy 8 products, get $10) so if you need a coupon or the rebate form. . email me and you can stop by and pick them up. You will need to do this deal by Saturday. .otherwise I would have snail mailed them to you.

And one more thing. . do not go to the Rite Aid in Sutton Square on Falls of the Neuse. . I bought all their toothbrushes. There are 7 of us. So I bought 7 toothbrushes, one for each of our stockings and one replacement pack. My little boys are gonna love the light up toothbrushes. . .they light up and flash for 2 minutes so when the light goes off they know they can stop brushing.

Did you got to Rite Aid this week? What deals did you get? Let me know if you do go!


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