Monday, December 5, 2011

Harris Teeter Deals: good til 12/6

Wanted to share my favorite deals at Harris Teeter this week. These deals will be good til Tues, 12/6. . .so just today and tomorrow. Sorry so late. . .but even if you are not gonna go today or tomorrow, read below to learn about e-vic coupons and read an update about our food pantry at my church.

Here are my 3 favorite deals this week:

1. Mueller's Pasta (Elbow Macaroni or Spaghetti) is on sale Buy 2 Get 3 Free. There is a coupon for .75 in the 11/20 SS for Muller's Whole Grain Pasta. The pasta is normally $1.75. So buy 2 of these at $1.75 each. Use 2 of the .75 coupons, which double to make each box only a quarter. And get 3 free boxes (which do not have to be whole grain). So that is 5 boxes of pasta for 50 cents or 10 cents a box!! There is a limit of 10 boxes total per transaction. This is a great donate to the food pantry item!!

Oh, I have to tell you about our food pantry. . .the lady in charge of the food pantry at our church stood up on Sunday to give an update and I just cried. In 2009, 55 families came to the food pantry. In Nov 2010, 115 families came. This Nov 2011. . .234 families which represented just over 1000 individuals (that is more than the number of people at our church) came to the food pantry.

There is such a great need. . .right here in our own city. If you ever have extras or freebies you want to donate and do not know where to give, you can drop them off at my house and I will make sure they get to the food pantry. Thanks so much for those of you who do drop off food at my house. My kids get so excited when you do so. Here is my Brooke stocking the shelves at our food pantry. These pics were from 2009 when so many of you brought food to my 1 year Class Anniversary celebration!!

Now back to my favorite Harris Teeter deals:

2. Margaret Holmes canned veggies are on sale for $1. Use the .75/2 coupon from 12/4 and get 2 cans for 50 cents! Only 25 cents a can. We had the Squash and Vidalaia Onion can last night for dinner. . yummy!

3. Duracell Batteries are on sale for $2.99. Use the .75 coupon from the PG inserts and you get the price down to $1.50. But add the e-vic coupon for .75 off Duracell batteries to your card before you head to the store and you get the pack for only 75 cents.Do you load the e-vic coupons to your card? This is the first time I have ever done it and it worked! And it was easy!! You can use both e-vic coupons and paper coupons on the same item like I did with the batteries. Do note that the e-vic coupon only comes off once. . no matter how many like items you buy.

To load the e-vic coupons, you do so thru the emails Harris Teeter sends out every Wed and Friday. There is a tab on these emails labeled e-vic coupons. You click that tab to see the coupons and then click the ones you want to save to your card. Click here for more directions from Harris Teeter. And if you are not getting the Harris Teeter emails, you can sign up here to do so. . .not only will you be able to load e-vic coupons, but you will get special offers that HT only sends to their email subscribers.

Tell me do you load these e-vic coupons? Did you find any good deals at HT this week? Do share!

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  1. Good info! I'll put my coupon together and head to Harris Teeter today. Thanks!


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