Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rite Aid Deals: good til 12/10

Went to Rite Aid yesterday to pick up a prescription and did a little shopping! Thought I'd share my shop with you in case you wanted some really cheap razors, battery toothbrushes, and Sucrets. You only need $5. . .a little more because of tax. These deals are good til Saturday, 12/10.

Transaction #1:
Sucrets are on sale for $2.99. Use the $1q from 11/20 SS and get it for only $1.99. And get back $2 +UP rewards.

Get in line again for Transaction #2:

Buy 2 packs of Schick Disposable razors that are on sale for $5.99. Use BOGO coupon from 11/6 SS to take $5.99 off. And use the $2 coupon from 12/4 SS to bring the total for 2 packs of razors to $3.99. Pay with the $2 +UP from Transaction #1 and you pay only $1.99 out of pocket. And you get back $2 +UP rewards, a $1 for each pack. There is a limit of 2 on this deal so this works great with the BOGO coupon!!

Get in line again for Transaction #3:

Buy Oral B battery toothbrush for $5.99. Use the $3 coupon from 11/27 PG and you get your total down to $2.99. Use the $2 +UP from Transaction #2 and you pay only 99 cents!! This is a great stocking stuffer!! And you get back $2 in +UP.

So for $5 (plus tax) out of pocket, you get a battery toothbrush, 2 packs of razors, and a pack of Sucrets. AND $2 in +UP rewards. . .so that is really like you only spent $3 for all the above. Great deal!!!

And if you are up for one more transaction, you can repeat Transaction #3 and spend another 99 cents to get another battery toothbrush and another $2 in +UP rewards to spend next time!! (or I just spend them on the $1 pack of Planters peanuts. . you can get a package of 5 packs of peanuts for $1. I put these in the kids' lunchboxes).

Did you got to Rite Aid this week? What deals did you get?


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