Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 for Tuesday

Hi! How are you?

This was suppose to be a 5 for Friday post. . .but with kids having 1/2 day on Friday and then no school yesterday, I was not on the computer as much as I wanted to be.

Here's 5 things I want to share with you:

1. Mail In Rebates aka MIR. As I was blog surfing, I found Amanda over at Simple Saving Savvy. It appears every Monday, or every other Monday, she posts a Rebate Roundup.

Her recent rebate post shares how to to get money back for Keebler, Neutrogena, Vicks, Physicians Formula, Science Diet and more. 

What a great resource to save even more money. I will be checking in often because Sale + Coupon + MIR means even more savings! than just Sale + Coupon.

2. This weekend, I made this Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken from My Kitchen Apron. A girlfriend sent me the link knowing that I like a good crock pot meal.
picture taken from My Kitchen Apron
I love that this recipe uses only 3 ingredients: 3 lbs chicken breasts, 12 oz. Buffalo Wing Sauce (whatever brand you have in your stockpile), and a package of Ranch Dip mix (the powder). Oh and then later, you add 2 T. butter. You do not even have to defrost the chicken. . you just throw it in frozen. You can check out the full directions here. We served it on sub rolls the first night with a slice of melted cheese and on top of tortilla chips the second night. The kids LOVED it.

3. Classes in my home are finally starting back up. I so enjoy having ya'll in my home. There are 3 classes already on the schedule. Click the title of the class for details if interested and shoot me an email if you want on the class list.
This was a class in my home back in 2009. Those in the picture, you still couponing?
Here are my upcoming classees:

Couponing 101 on Tues, Jan 31 from 7-9pm

Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking on Monday, Feb 27 from 7-9:15pm

Home Organization and Decor on Tues, March 13 from 7-9:30pm

4. I have been preparing a teaching for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in Cary. I am so excited. I am going to be sharing the 10 obstacles to running an intentional home and then 10 solutions to those obstacles. . .a new teaching for me!
a reminder I made for a friend to be intentional
I tell you every time I develop a new teaching, I go thru a major learning curve. Most of MY obstacles to running an intentional home are in MY MIND, such as "If I cannot find a solid 2 hour chunk of time to clean the house then I can't do it." Instead of taking advantage of the 15 minutes I do have. Ugh.

I'd love to hear what your biggest obstacle is to running an intentional home. . .I wanna see if I have included it in my list of obstacles and solutions.

5. My Christmas tree is still up. Someone please tell me I am not the only one.


  1. Sue, you're not the only one. Our tree is still standing :-).

  2. The biggest obstacle has been my desire to not HAVE to enforce so much structure. When we had only 2 kids who knew and followed the rules and schedules well it wasn't necessary and I enjoyed being able to be flexible from day to day.

    When we added 2 more kids and now have three within 23 months of each other we have learned that flexibility is not an option. I fought against having to have everything scheduled and structured, but the end result was I was miserable and felt like I had to be in charge of remembering EVERYTHING. Now, as a result of that learning curve, we have 4 sheets of paper that essentially run our entire house. Showers are scheduled, chores are scheduled, laundry days are scheduled, expectations are spelled out and rewards are spelled out too. It's not how I would choose to run my home, but it's the only way I can think of to keep my sanity right now. If the kids have a question about what they need to do I just tell them to read the chart and stop asking me!

  3. My biggest obstacle is procrastination. It's not that I am "not doing things" it's that I put off doing the things that are most important and I substitute them with other things. For instance, this afternoon my sick babies laid down for a nap. This would have been a perfect time for me to catch up on my work (teacher work) but instead I started dinner, started a load of laundry, opened the mail and washed some dishes. I also tidied up the pantry before I put away some items I had just purchased. So my time wasn't wasted, I was doing things that had to be done, just not the thing I really needed to do first (that I was most dreading).

  4. Making that recipe tomorrow! My biggest obstacle in running an Intentional home is spending quality time with my kids, but individually. My youngest requires constant attention and I feel like the others get pushed aside or constantly nagged to finish this or that. Now that I think about it, their bedtimes are staggered by age, but I don't utilize that time to spend a few minutes with each one just to talk, read, or even play. I spend it cleaning up so I can wind down for the evening.

  5. I have just never felt like we had a good "system." None of our toys have a true home - partly because I rotate them and partly because I just have never invested in any good shelving or toy boxes or whatever. I keep them in rubbermaid tubs to rotate and those, by default, become the toy boxes. So it makes it hard for my kids to clean up and it makes it hard for me to look at the mess. I find I want to avoid our house when it gets so cluttered! And then, like the person above, I choose to do other things (I organized the broom/utility closet the other day) instead of tackling the REAL mess.


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