Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Fitness Class Tomorrow!

My computer has a virus. . .so I am on the kids' computer. All my notes and pictures are on my computer and I am not nearly as fast on the kids' computer so that means no new year's posts on the difference between intentions and intentional or why I make my kids write Chirstmas thank you notes or "my word" for 2012. That will all have to wait til my computer gets fixed. . .oh I hope it can be.

But I do have a heads up about a free fitness class to share with you!!

Do you want to start out the 2012 year with a jumpstart to losing weight, toning up, or just improving your health in general??

Come for a FREE fitness class taught by my sister, Jenny McClendon who is liscensed Physical Therapist and has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 18 years.
Class is
Wednesday, Jan. 4 from 10:45 - 11:45am
at Hayes Barton Baptist Church Gym (1800 Glenwood Ave)
Bring a water bottle and pair of handweights (if you have them).

All ages and levels welcome! I will be there and trust me, I am at the bottom. But remember we intentional women do not compare ourselves to others. . .this is simply a tool to taking care of ourselves and making ourselves better. The class really is non-intimidating.
And if you like the class, you can then sign up for a 6 week session that starts Monday, Jan. 9. You can pick a Monday or a Wednesday or BOTH. Fee is only $45 for one day, and $90 for the two days (for the whole 6 week session). Or not, no pressure.
Make sure you tell Jenny, you heard about the class from me and The Intentional Home. And sidenote: Jenny is into couponing just as much as I am so she is always up to talking about the latest deals before class!
Hope to see you there!


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