Monday, January 23, 2012

New Resource for Couponers

I received an email from a blog reader about a new resource for couponers over at Coupon Mom. I have been wanting something like this for quite a while and now Coupon Mom has it. I just had to share with ya'll.

Coupon Mom has added a new feature where you can type in an item (like "mascara" or "cereal") and it'll show you the best deals across ALL stores in your area for that item!

For instance, I typed in mascara and it showed me that I can get it for $4.49 at CVS or $5.37 at Harris Teeter, etc, etc. but I can also get it for 84¢ at Target.

Some items didn't get any hits which means no store has that item on sale this week.

You can create your own little list (by checking the checkbox next to the item) and then print it or email it to yourself - and it organizes which items are at which stores.

This is a great resource to find out which store has the best deal on the items on your list that you just have to have this week.

Here's how you get to the new feature:

1. Sign in at Coupon Mom; it's free

2. Click "Grocery Deals by State" (in top bar in between "Printable coupons" and "Drugstore Deals/ National Deals")

3. Click "Choose Your State Here"

4. Scroll the list of states and choose NC

5. A box comes up with a choice of choosing your store from a list OR a Search box with the caption to search for items across all stores.


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