Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles AGAIN?? 3/6-3/12

Did ya'll see this blog post over at!! WRAL's Smart Shopper was told by her Harris Teeter manager that Super Doubles will be running AGAIN starting this Wed, 3/6 thru Tues, 3/12. Harris Teeter will be doubling coupons with a face value of $2 or under.

So $1 coupons are worth $2 and $1.50 coupons are worth $3, and $2 coupons are worth $4 at this coming week's HT Super Doubles!

We just had Super Doubles last week! I have not even refiled my coupons yet. But I am not complaining. What a great opportunity to build that stockpile even more!

As the deal lists pop up in blogland, I will be sure to share the links to help you plan your shop. In the meantime, get those coupons organized.

And for those of you who just took my coupon class and this will be your first Harris Teeter Super Doubles shop, here are my Top 10 tips for a Successful Super Doubles Shop.

1. Super Doubles starts at 7am on Wed. Even at the 24 hour stores, Super Doubles starts at 7am. I go early the first day of Super Doubles in order to get the stuff I really want because I know it will be in stock then. I go at 6:40 and I am in line at 7am when the cash registers start super doubling

2. The policy is 20 coupons per day PER HOUSEHOLD. So no 2 shops at 2 different stores on the same VIC card, or one on your card and one on your hubby's card (that is if they are both linked to the same phone # and address). HT's computer allowss one shop of 20 coupons per day per household.

3. Remember 3 identical coupons can be used per transaction; just like normal. And only 2 of the exact same INTERNET PRINTABLE coupon can be used per transaction. HT only accepts 2 internet coupons per manufacturer product per visit per day.

4. Be sure to load Harris Teeter's digital coupons onto your VIC card. You may use these in combination with a paper coupon to save even more. To load the e-vic coupons, you do so thru the emails Harris Teeter sends out every Wed and Friday. There is a tab on these emails labeled e-vic coupons. You click that tab to see the coupons and then click the ones you want to save to your card. Click here for more directions from Harris Teeter. And if you are not getting the Harris Teeter emails, you can sign up here to do so. . .not only will you be able to load e-vic coupons, but you will get special offers that HT only sends to their email subscribers.

5. If you go in expecting that some items will already be gone during Super Doubles, you won't be too disappointed. But most stores are good at restocking, so ask when they expect to have more of the item in.

6. You do not need a raincheck if the item is out of stock. A raincheck guarantees the sale price, not the fact that they will super double a coupon. So in most cases, it is best to just go back later in the week when it is still Super Doubles and pick up the item. My store is usually restocked by Sat am. Ask the manager when they expect to be restocked if they are out of an item.

7. I usually do not focus on any deals with coupons that are less than $1 face value. HT will double those coupons on a regular basis so I focus on the $1 and over coupons . . .the ones that wouldn't double normally.

8. The coupons that are $1 off 2 items. . . they sometimes do not multiply right during super doubles. . the coupon multiplies to the full price of one item. So if one item is more than the super double coupon amount, you are ok. But if one item is less than the super double coupon amount, I would not expect it to double. Now you can take your receipt to customer service and explain the above to them and they will give you some money back. . but is that worth the time and hassle, perhaps?

9. Can you use 2 coupons for BOGO items since you are "buying" 2 items? Yes. This is the case every day. Each item will ring up 1/2 price and you can use one coupon for each item. 

10. There is no set schedule for Harris Teeter Triples and Super Doubles, but there does seem to be a pattern. Perhaps put these dates in pencil on your calendar or Pin this so you can refer back to this pattern. Here is what the last 3 years have looked like (I wish I could figure out how to make the table all neat and lined up):

2010                                   2011                               2012                                2013 
Jan 6-12 SD                        Jan 5-11 SD                 Jan 4-10 SD                 Jan 2-8 SD-$2
Feb 17- 23 SD                   Feb 16-22 SD                 Feb 15-21 SD              Feb 20-26 SD-$2
Mar 24- Mar 30 Triples      March 23-29 SD             March 21-27 Triples
Apr. 28- May 4 Triples       April 27-May 3 SD          April 18-24 SD
May 19-25 SD                   May 18-24 Triples           May 16-22 Triples
June 23-29 SD                 June 22-28 SD                 June 20-26 SD-$2
Aug 11 - 19 SD                Aug 10-16 SD                   Aug 8-14 SD-$2
Sept 15 - 21 SD               Sept 14-20 Triples            Sept 12-18 SD-$2
Nov 3 - Nov 9 SD            Nov 2-8 SD                       Oct 31- Nov 6 SD-$2

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  1. aaaargh! I have GOT to get an elf! Not ready...uber busy...don't want to miss the deals. I think an elf is my only option! lol! Thanks for the heads up!


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