Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Lowes Food Super Doubles Shop

Just got back from Lowes. I was at the one on Strickland at 6am when it opened. I beat the cashier to work. I was the only shopper in the store.

I got all the below for $26.31. I saved $56.23, a savings of 68%. My sister and I like to count the number of items we got and divide that into how much we spent to see what we spent per item. So I got  24 items and my total was $26.31 so I paid about $1.10 per item (the bag of apples counts as 1 item).  $1.10 is even less than what a pack of gum normally costs ($1.39).

Here is a breakdown of what I got:

The FREE items were the water, yogurt, gum, and napkins. (You who just took my class last week could go and try to get these items!)  I could not find the Eat. Think. Smile. Baked Granola Bars that were supposedly FREE with coupon. Did any of you find these? Do tell me where.

Read more here:

The Boca Burgers are on sale this week for $2.99 (usually $4.25) and with the $1/2 coupon you coould get 2 packs for $4, less than what you would normally spend on one pack.

Pink Lady Apples are on sale for 98¢/lb which is a great price. You have to buy them in 5 lb bags so I ended up getting 13 apples for $4.65

The 4 tomatoes were on sale for $1.50 which is a good deal.

The big boxes of General Mill cereals are on sale for $3.49. I bought 3 and used the $1/3 coupon. I also bought the Fiber One cereal for $4.29 (ouch!) and used the 75¢ coupon. So I got 4 boxes of cereal for $11.26 BUT then I also used the $4/4 Lowes Food coupon which is in their flier and got the 4 boxes for $7.46. . so about $.187 a box which since they are big boxes is not too bad. Not a great price though. . .I would only get if you need need cereal or you will be one super hero mom for bringing home Lucky Charms and Cinnamom Toast Crunch (a rarity in our house and a will be gone by this afternoon).

And we just plain needed the banana peppers, bagels (although they were BOGO), and the bananas.

And did you know for each reusable bag you bring in and fill with groceries, Lowes will take 5¢ off your total.

So how did you do?  Send me totals and pictures. . or upload them to The Intentional Home Facebook page. Were you impressed with Lowes Food Super Doubles?  Are you going to go back and do another shop this week? Or are you going to wait until Harris Teeter's Super Doubles next week?  Tell me what you are thinking.


  1. Su - I went after lunch today and they had everything in stock at my store in wake forest. I found the eat think smile bars on a display stand in the frozen food section. Weird place for them but hopefully it will help someone!

  2. In my Lowes foods the Eat Think Smile bars are next to the protein bars & slim fast


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