Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Rumblings

Just wanted to share with you a few things that are rumbling in my head and heart.

1. I dream of hosting a Craft Weeked like Meg, over at the blog Whatever (which by the way is one of my favorite blogs for crafty inspiration; you gotta go check out the pictures on her blog. Just click one of those 2 links above).

Actually, I do not like to cook or make beds; I like to create. . . so I think I would have an all day craft Saturday. I dream of a group of ladies making their own In This Home paintings

in the perfect color combo for their living room and using their own handwriting

And we would stay up late and create a flock of little fabric birds in all these fun colorful fabrics I have been collecting

and we would make a colorful bunting. . .all those cute crafts I have pinned onto my Crafts for Me to Make Pinterest Board (you can find the source for those birds at that pinterest link).

Would you want to come? A girls' day of paint and mod podge and fabric and color and laughing and creating?

2. It has been 4 months since I have had a Coke.

Sept 29th I stopped drinking my 2 liter a day (I know! Don't say a thing.)

The post over at Small Notebook titled How I Broke a 30 Year Caffeine and Soda Addiction got me thinking. I have had that post bookmarked for over a year and finally did it.

I will have to share more later, but you know, I really do not miss it. I can say that now that I am 4 months in, but those first 10 or so days, I thought there was no way.

3. Rob and I have a date tonight. I am counting down the hours.

My favorite dates are the ones at our house by ourselves where the kids are elsewhere, but those do not come around often. Date nights have become a necessity instead of a luxury, now that the kids are older and stay up just as late as we do now. We budget them in now and try to get a date night on the calendar every other week.

What do ya'll do for date night?


  1. YES! I would so come~ why? not because I am crafty, and not because those birds are adorable (which they are and I would LOVE some for my future room~ yes, my future room~ the one I dream of having that is mine~ might have to settle for a corner one of these days), but mostly because I miss you! Spending time with encouraging women is one of my favorite ways to spend a day now and then!

  2. As long as you hold my hand and observe my every non-crafty-but-oh-I-with-I-was self to be sure I create and not destroy. What a fun idea. Before my best friend moved to TN, we hosted a couple craft party type things. A Red and Pink party at valentines. We did a simple craft with the ladies and then had a gift exchange like a white elephant. The rule was that the gift had to be red or pink. At Christmas we also hosted a "make homemade gifts" party and had all the supplies to make 3 or 4 things that could be given to teachers, family or other friends (decorating a clear paint can and giving ideas for filling it, ornaments, etc). For that one we did a cover charge to help offset the cost.
    As for dates, we love trying local places we've never been. We try to avoid chains. But we do enjoy going to Barnes and noble, grabbing a coue books or magazines and coffee. We have a date tomorrow (possibly our last before baby girl arrives) and I have no idea what we are doing. For me I really don't care what we do as long as I do t have to plan anything

  3. I would come! That would be great! I remember doing something like this in the past! I still laugh when I think about our weekend. :) Amy C.

  4. I would totally love a craft night out!

    As for date nights out, we're not very exciting people. We eat dinner at a non-kid restaurant, head to Barnes & Noble and each grab books or magazines, sit at a table in the Starbucks area, drink some coffee and share a dessert. We stay until it closes at 11pm, then slowly make our way home (sometimes stopping to get a few groceries on the way home). Romantic, huh? :) We love it!

  5. Su, I love your "In our Home" pieces. When our boys were younger we tended to do a movie then dinner, in that order so we could discuss the movie afterwards. I have always believed that couple time is hugely important especially when the children are young. Ours are in college now but we still specify nights or Saturdays where it's just about us...not work, not the boys, elderly parents, church..just us enjoying each other. I hope ya'll have a great evening.

  6. Su!
    I would totally be there for a craft day at your house. Just tell me what I need to bring. I have never dunk anything with a great deal of caffeine. I don't like sodas because the bubbles are just weird, I don't drink coffee or tea because they are just yucky. So all that leaves me is hot chocolate, and I don't have it too often. So I have no clue how hard that must have been for you. I can imagine but no real idea. (And seriously how could you handle all those bubbles everyday? They are just WEIRD!) We do date night every couple of months, but as you say we have our evenings, and we often have times when our munchkin is out of the house with friends or church activities. I have a ton of coupons to send your way so be looking for an envelope in the mail soon.
    Amy W.

  7. How I wish I lived in your neck of the woods for a Craft Day. I would love to make an awesome "In This Home" Painting!
    Also I know about giving up Soda's been such a weakness of mine as well. I've replaced it with iced tea though not sure that's a good replacement...although I do have to say I'm not putting any sugar in the tea.

  8. Craft night would be soooo fun! I'd definitely try to be there ;-).

  9. Almost 30 days without soda... One exception. Feeling better. Hoping this time it will stick. Did it as a part of a self induced sugar detox (consciously consuming less sugar, esp. Processed sugars) and it seems to be working. I've never tried that it wasn't just a will power contest. Would live to make a In This home Painting... So long as here is guidance! And getting tougher with over women with support to be felt ... What can I bring?!

  10. Su,

    I have always LOVED your "In this Home" painting and would love to join you for a craft day!

    Let me know when...

  11. Last saturday we had a "date night" at home. We hardly ever do this, mostly b/c i feel like a date should not involved cooking or cleaning on our parts and partly b/c when the boys were really little I was crazy to get out of the house for any amount of time! But last week we had planned to put them to bed early then have dinner. We agreed to dress up and everything. when it actually came time i was feeling lazy, but my sweet hubby persisted - put on a tie and everything. So i got dressed and we ate - steaks from the broiler, salad from the store and potato (him) and Squash (me) from the microwave. It was delicious and so relaxed to be at home! much fun!


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