Friday, March 9, 2012

5 for Friday

And that means I try my best to share 5 thing with ya'll.

1.  Reminder that Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday, March 11. So that  means we need to change your clocks one hour ahead on Saturday night.  Spring Forward!!

2.  On The Intentional Home Facebook page, I shared about Food Lion doubling coupons for the next 2 weeks (March 7-20). This is the first time ever that Food Lion has done so in the Triangle. Anyone gone yet?  Here are two deal lists you might want to check out:

Centsible Saver's Smart Shopper

Also on Facebook this week, there was news about free Auntie Anne's pretzels, a free Redbox movie code, and free Tide laundry detergent.

Facebook is where I post time sensitive deals, link to blog posts I find as I am blog surfing that I think you would find helpful, and post short "heads up" that are quicker to write on Facebook than on my blog.  It is also where others share the deals they have found.  So if you have not "liked" The Intentional Home yet, you may want to do here

3. Proctor & Gamble has a new Home Made Simple coupon booklet available with over $25 worth of coupons inside. My favorite coupons in this booklet are the Dawn ones.

These P&G booklets become available about every 3 months and you just need to log in/register to request your booklet.

4. I have a House to Home class this Tueday, March 13. This is the class where we get inspired and motivated and equipped to organize and clean and decorate our homes. And there is still room. Email me if you want to come!

This is one of my favorite classes. However, it is by far my kids least favorite because I get them to help me clean the WHOLE house because I take you on a tour thru every room, every closet, evert drawer. My kids always say, can't we just clean it once and you take pictures and show them on Power Point from now on?  And just for the record I think this is my hubby's favorite class for the same reason it is my kids least favorite :)

And sidenote: the content of this class has changed since I first offered it. This class used to focus purely on home decor.  But because of your input, the class is divided into 3 sections: organizing, cleaning, and decorating and has lots of fresh content.

5. I so enjoyed my first blog series ever: Kids & Chores.  Last night, the kids, Rob, and I were brainstorming what my next blog series could be. Anna was already designing new buttons for them in her head. I sure would love for you to tell me which topic you would be the most interested in seeing here at The Intentional Home blog.

Talking to Your Kids about Sex

Organizing & Keeping Up with Pictures/Scrapbooks

How to Help Guide Your Kids to Hearing God's Voice

Or if you have an idea that is not on the list, tell me!!

There is a little poll at the top lefthand side of my blog where you can vote for one of the choices above and see the results so far.  Click here to be taken to the poll. . I sure would appreciate it.

(sorry, I coud not figure out how to get the poll embedded in the post. . anyone know?)

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  1. Organizing & Keeping Up with Pictures/Scrapbooks

    I am so far behind and my pictures are everywhere . . any tips would be great


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