Friday, March 16, 2012

5 for Friday

Happy Friday!  Here's 5 things I wanted to share with you:

1. I shared this on Facebook Tues night, but for those of you who have not liked The Intentional Home on Facebook yet: Triples starts at Harris Teeter this coming Wed, March 21.  By Monday, there should be deal lists around blogland and I will get a post up with links to those deal lists. If this is your first time shopping Triples, you will want to check out my 10 Tips for a Successful HT Triples Shop. Go read that this weekend and then on Monday/Tuesday, you can organize your coupons, and then on Wed you can shop.

updated: Southern Savers just posted one deal list: go here to start preparing.

2. Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you've been around The Intentional Home blog a while, you know that I so enjoy the teachable moments the holidays provide. I have shared the activites I do to teach truths at  EasterThanksgiving, and Christmas before, but I have never shared what we do for St. Patrick's Day. 

We use St. Patrick's Day to teach our kids how to have natural conversations with others about God.  You see, St. Patrick was a real man who loved God and went to Ireland to tell people about God. He used the shamrock that grows in Ireland to teach about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We emphasize with out kids how St. Patrick used everyday objects to tell others about God.  We then brainstorm and practice how we can do the same. My Brooke is really really good at this. For example, Brooke noticed that her classmate was wearing a ring with a cross on it. So Brooke asked her classmate.  .oh tell me, what does your ring mean to you?  And a natural conversation about what each of them believed followed. (oh this could be a whole 'nother post).

I have collected most of the simple board books by Patricia A. Pingry. I use these books to introduce the holiday. . the history, the symbol, and the Christian significance of each holiday. The books are geared toward the 2-5 year old, but I like them for my older kids (and me!) because it serves as a good reminder of "the basics" of the holiday.  Here is Patricia A. Pingry's St. Patrick's one:

41450: The Story of Saint Patrick"s Day The Story of Saint Patrick's Day
By Patricia Pingry
And here is her Easter one:

918446: The Story of Easter The Story of Easter
By Patricia A. Pingry

Both of those are affiliate links.

3. Have you found The Intentional Home on Pinterest yet?

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. . .it is like online file folders. And you can browse other peoples boards (file folders).  I just reorganized all my boards in hopes it would be an even greater resource for you (and me!).  Go take a look here.

And if you would like to get on Pinterest and create your own boards, you need an invite. Email me and I will send you one

4.  My Spring Class Schedule has been posted on the right hand side of my blog under "Upcoming Classes". There you will find the dates and if you click on the class title, you will find all the details and registration.

Tues, April 26: Couponing 101, 7-9pm at my house

Thurs, May 8: Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking, 7-9:15pm at my house

Thurs, May 31: Home Organization & Decor, 7-9:30pm at my house

5.  It is Early Relase Day at the school's  today. I have a house full of kids, my 5 and 7 others. I really need to get off here :) I promised a craft for the preteen girls. I'll take pictures to share with ya'll. . .super easy and so cute!  Happy Weekend!!


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