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5 Fun Ways to Make Easter More Meaningful

For those of you who have been reading The Intentional Home for a while, you know that I enjoy the teachable moments the holidays provide.  For years, I have kept Fat Files. As I come across articles, books, magazines, news clippings, Bible verses, blogs, attend workshops and seminars, spend time with those who are "experts" on a  particular subject. . . as I come across anything that pertains to the subject of my Fat File, I stick it in the file.  Pinterest could easily be considered the online version of Fat Files.

One Fat File I have is How to Teach Kids the Real Meaning of Easter. Today I wanted to share some of the ideas in that Fat File that have now become Easter traditions at our house.

Below are 5 Fun Ways to Make Easter More Meanignful. My hope is that these ideas will help get your and my kids just as excited about Jesus as they are about dyeing Easter eggs and all the candy in their Easter baskets.

1. Pop Open Some Resurrection Eggs

Our Resurrection Eggs come out every year. These 12 plastic eggs are filled with surprise mini trinkets each symbolizing a part of the Easter story. The last egg is empty to symbolize Jesus' empty tomb.

The store bought version, which we have, comes with a booklet that features Bible stories and Bible verses explaining the significance of each object. But you could easily make your own Resurrection Eggs. Check out Family Volley's post here which gives you a list of trinkets and a list of Bible Verses. Also Coutney at Women Living Well explains how she made her own set of "The Jesus Story" Eggs.

2. Make treats that tell the Easter Story. Here are 3 treat ideas:

Resurrection Rolls. . a marshmallow (Jesus) is wrapped in a crescent roll (the cloths). At the end, kids open up the "cloth" and see that Jesus is no longer there. HE IS RISEN! The marshmallow melts and the crescent roll is puffed and hollow. My post last year on Yummy Dessert Tells Easter Story aka Resurrection Rolls give all the details.

Meringue Cookies. . .these cookies are to be prepared the night before Easter and use symbolism and the physical activity of making the cookies to explain the Easter story. Click here for the recipe and story that goes along with it.

Little Lambs. . .make these cute lamb treats. . only takes 5 ingredients. All directions can be found at my post last year on 2 Cute Easter Goodies to Make. As you are creating these lambs, tell your children that one of the names for Jesus is the Lamb of God (John 1:29) and explain why.

When my hubby saw this picture, he said, "What is that?" 
 I thought it was obvious, but if it is not to you too, it is a lamb my kiddos made.

3. Play Games that Teach an Easter Truth  Here are 3 games Rob and I play with our own kids, the neighborhood kids, and our Sunday school classes we teach:

Hide and Seek Game: kids act out the Easter story from "taking Jesus off the cross" and putting Him in the tomb to rolling the stone away and announcing the resurrection and looking all over the house for Jesus (a toy figure you have hidden really well).  Be sure to click HERE for a video of my kids playing this game.

Egg Bowling: this game teaches that no one is perfect, except for God and because we are not perfect and can't even work harder to get perfect, God made a way for us to be forgiven and be with Him in perfect Heaven. Click here for all the directions. 

Egg Spoon Race: this game teaches that Jesus loves you and is very good at taking broken things and putting them back together again. Click here for all the supplies needed and directions.

4. Watch Easter Video Clips Here are 2 sources:

Cardboard Testimonies . . I bawl everytime I watch this Youtube video from Edenton Street United Methodist ChurchMorgan, who hosted one of my coupon classes, is the lady who holds up the sign that reads "7 failed adoptions" and her hubby talks at the end. Morgan is the one who first told me about these Cardboard Testimonies. . and now watching them are an Easter tradition at the Soutter home.

Cardboard Testimonies have been around for a while, but it does not get old to me to see how God has changed so many lives. . which is the story of Easter. God is into the transformation business. . .what was, is not, what is now (if you are reading this post in an email or a reader, you will want to click on the title of the post to be taken to my actual blog so you can view the video. .SOOOO worth it).

And HERE are 4 short animated, kid friendly videos that tell the Easter story: Intro, Nailing to the Cross, His Death, Jesus is Alive that we watch together as a family.

5. Above are the Easter traditions in my home. What do you do in your home to make Easter meaningful for your family? I'd love to hear your traditions. I have been collecting ideas over at my Easter Pinterest board. You may want to go give that board a look. . so many creative fun ideas all focusing on the real meaning of Easter.

I am sharing this post over at Women Living Well's Linky Party and Imparting Grace's Grace at Home Party.


  1. Thank you so much for your Easter ideas. My son is only 2, so we haven't created any traditions, nor know how much he understands just yet. I am definitely clicking on every link. :) And you're right...cardboard testimonies NEVER get old. Here's what mine would say...
    "Impossible to get pregnant, tried everything for 8 years to do so..."
    "By the grace of God, HE defied all odds and surprised us with a pregnancy."

  2. Great ideas. We made the resurrection rolls last year. The children loved it.

  3. What a great post! Thanks for the glimpse into your "Fat File" on Easter. May God bless you as you share the amazing story of Jesus and His love to your children and to others.

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!

  4. Hi Su! Hope this goes through! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and have learned so much. Just wish I had "found" you years ago when my kiddies were younger! All the best to you in your 4th year!


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