Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Happiest 76¢ I Ever Spent!

For 76¢, I added color to my living room.

For just 76¢, I added energy and life to my living room.

For 76¢, I added charm to my living room.

For 76¢, I smile everytime I walk by these mini yellow sunshines.

Fresh flowers are not just for special occassions, enjoy them regularly. And for 76¢ you can.

Details: I bought this little potted daffodil at Walmart in the garden center. You can buy potted mini daffodils like the above or a single potted tulip for just 76¢. Just drop the plastic pot in a slightly larger decorative container you already have. No need to drill holes in the decorative container. No need to repot. Easy. You do need to water daily. The daffodils above lasted 4 days. Then they got withered and I pinched them off. (anyone know if that is the right thing to do??) and now I have 2 new blooms on it; today is day 8.  The Happiest 76¢ I have ever spent. I wish I had bought more to give away. If you happpen to go get you some 76¢ happiness, perhaps pick one up for your kid's teacher, or your neighbor, or the mailman, or those Sunday School teachers, or your favorite cashier (you couponers!), or your grandma. I guarantee it will make them smile.

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  1. Agreed - fresh flowers always worth the money! I always do paperwhites for Christmas and they are usually only 50 cents...put two in those little ceramic bread pans you get at Michaels for 99 cents and it makes a great little neighbor gift. And yes, it's ok to pinch off flowers when they face....just be sure to replant the bulb outside when you're done so they'll come back next year! Just leave the leaves until they brown so the bulb can store up food for the interim.


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