Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4 Things I Do When Chicken Breasts Go On Sale

My target price for Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts is $1.99. That means when I find boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 or under, I stock up. This chicken is  usually $2.99 a pound at Kroger, but at other places you can easily pay upto $4.99 to $5.29 a pound. 
Sidenote: If you want to know what a good price is for certain items, what the target/rock bottom price is for a certain item, click here for lists you can print out.
So when I can get boneless, skinless chicken breasts for under $1.99, I buy lots and lots.
Now I do not come home and stick the packages of chicken directly in my freezer. I prep my chicken first. This takes a little time, but will saves me so much time in the long run.

I do 4 things with this chicken. . all to help me get future dinners on the table cheaper, quicker, and with less stress!! At times I do not know which I long for more: money, time, or sanity. (wink).

Do note that I am starting with NON FROZEN boneless, skinless chicken breasts. It is not safe to start with frozen chicken, defrost it and prep it like below, and then refreeze it.
Here are the 4 things I do with chicken breasts when they go on sale below $1.99 a pound:

1. In my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class, I show you how I wash my chicken, trim the fat, put it in freezer ziploc bags, dump marinade on it, and make nice freezer sheets of marinated chicken. This is what I do with the majority of my chicken.

The night before or sometimes the morning of, I take a sheet of marinated chicken out of the freezer and let it defrost. As the chicken is defrosting, it marinates and then when hubby gets home, he grills it. I cook up free rice and free frozen veggies to go with it. Voila!

2. I marinate some of the chicken in the fridge. . and then grill it after it marinates about 3 hours. . then cut it up into bite size pieces and flash freeze it (I teach this too in my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class aka Deals to Meals, but if you need a quick tutorial on flash freezing, click here).

Once my bite size pieces of chicken are flash frozen, I stick them in freezer ziploc bags and store for quesadillas, recipes that call for cooked chicken, to put on top of salad, or for wraps.

I also use some of this cooked, cut up chicken to make Chicken Casserole and put 2 or 3 in the freezer.

3. I make homemade chicken nuggets to put in the freezer. All you need is 4 ingredients to make your own chicken nuggets. .get a whole slew made at one time and get them in the freezer. . .they will keep there for about 3-4 months. Then they are ready to be popped in the oven for a wholesome yummy meal. . .makes getting dinner on the table so much easier when you have them already made in the freezer.

Read this post here for how to make your own chicken nuggets. And then read this post here for all the variations you can make. Get the kids to help make these!!

4. And then I just putting some in freezer ziploc bags with no marinade, just plain to use for recipes that call for uncooked chicken like these below that I have posted about before. Click on title of recipe to be taken to the post and recipe.

Foil Baked Asian Chicken,

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas (which Intentional Home reader, Danielle raved about here; go see what she said about this recipe!)

Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken

So tell me. . . what do you do to prep your chicken to help get future dinners on the table cheaper, quicker, and with less stress? Do you have a #5 I need to do?? Do you have any recipes to share?? I'd love for you to leave a comment or shoot me an email.


  1. Hey Su! I want to pin this article to my Pinterest board. There has been a *TON* of stuff going viral lately about the hidden language in Pinterest, about having permission to post, yada yada. SO. Do I have your permission to pin it? That will give Pinterest the permission to use it as they wish.

    1. Yes. . it is an honor when someone thinks one of my blog posts is pin worthy. . great way to get my blog out there. Thanks!!! Pin anything and everything on my blog. . no need to ask.

  2. You can get chicken for $1.99 a pound all the time at the Harris Teeter meat counter.

    1. WHAT??? How come I did not know this?? I gonna check it out at my HT tomorrow when I got for Triples.

  3. I like to boil chicken with spices to add flavor (salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary etc) and then shred it and freeze it in portioned out bags. I use them to make quick soups, stews, chicken tacos, chicken pot pie and lots of other yummy quick meals. My kids LOVE shredded chicken tacos with sauteed peppers and onions and I can throw it together in a hurry if the chicken is already shredded and frozen.

    1. I am laughing at myself replying to every comment. Tracy, this would be a great thing to do in the crockpot. Use some of the shredded chicken that night and then freeze the rest. Thanks so much for sharing. LOVE it.

  4. Save the broth....it freezes well. Sometimes I add some carrots celery and onions for extra flavor. Homemade chicken stock is the best.

  5. This is great! It gives me a direction on how to begin to be efficient in the kitchen.


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