Saturday, March 10, 2012

Your Home Is A Tool

I am spending today putting the finishing touches on my Home Orgaznization and Decor Class. I am so excited! This class is so going to inspire, motivate, and equip us to create a home that really blesses us and that really recharges us and our families.

from The Nesting Place, a blog of decorating inspiration

I have revamped this class. It is so much better. So much so, that I so want those of you who took this class a few years back to come again at no charge.  Please, if you are free this Tuesday, March 13 from 7-9:30pm, just email me and I will let you know what to bring to class and directions to my home. (I use the word "so" a lot when I am excited, eh?)

from Better Homes & Gardens, great website for inspiration

This class will help you begin to create a purpose and vision for your home. And then this class will help you figure out how to




and decorate

all to allign with that purpose and vision. 

And my living roon again because my computer is still not fixed. Come learn how to use color to beautify a room.
Do you even know what colors you like? Come figure it out.

Oh, our home is a tool.  Let's use it well. Come get inspired to create a home that can be used (like a tool) to impact you, your family, and all who enter. Come get energized and leave with hope that you really can create a home that is a haven! Let's create homes that provide a richer, happier, less stressed, more intentional life. 

All details for this class can be found here. I can't wait for Tuesday night to get here! 


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