Friday, April 20, 2012

The Future of The Intentional Home

This week I have been celebrating my 3rd Year Blog Anniversary and sharing How The Intentional Home Began, How The Intentional Home Grew, and today I wanted to share what is in store for The Intentional Home.  Each day I have also offered a giveaway and there will be one at the end of this post too (one worth $54)!

my very first blog header, were you around when my blog looked like this?
Yesterday I shared how I felt like God asked me to put down all my dreams of running a business and focus on what I had been neglecting: organizing, cleaning, and managing my home. I also shared yesterday that once I did what God asked me to do, in His goodness, He gave those dreams back and The Intentional Home grew.
my 2nd blog header
Since those days, I have tried hard to hold The Intentional Home with open hands. Before each class I pray, "Lord, if this is the last class I teach, I am fine with that. Thank you for the opportunity to invest in and connect with the ladies you have brought my way. But if you have more in store, please let me hear from you and not miss out."  I also pray over each seat in my living room and ask that God would allow each woman to leave with one big thing that is just for her.

the seats in my living room that I pray over before each class

Because you know, what I want to be known for is that I was a woman who chased hard after the things of God, a woman who dreamed big and took risks for God, a woman who would not settle for the status quo in her home or her community, a woman who sought God and knew with all her heart that He was big and real and personally spoke to His chidren. (whoa! that was scary to write and will be even more scary to publish!)

me and my girls (age 14 and 11) who I want to raise to be big dreamers and risk takers for God

And I want to teach couponing and meal planning and freezer cooking and home organization because I so believe that when we address the practical in our lives, we are freed up to hear those God-sized and God given dreams that are in our hearts. Do you know what yours are?

And when the practical of budgets and dinners and cleaning and parenting are under control, we are able to move out in those dreams. I so know that God has big plans for your life and a unique purpose that only you and your family can fulfill.

image created by Stephanie at Home Grown Hospitality

And all that is what guides my vision for The Intentional Home. I am passionate about seeing women come alive, seeing women live with purpose, seeing women create homes of peace and joy. . homes that really are a refuge from the chaos of the world, seeing women make an impact on their home, their families, their communities. . .seeing women run The Intentional Home.

And I dream of creating tools to encourage and inspire and equip women to do just that, to run an intentional home. I dream of new classes and videos and webinars. I dream of craft weekends where we create intentional, purposeful art for our homes. I dream of better blog posts and new topics and more blog series. I dream of speaking at women retreats, women's conferences, and MOPS groups. All while remembering what I learned about dreams.

my current blog header. . .have you checked out my new blog design yet?
I think you will be able to find what you are looking for so much easier now.

So to end this celebration, I want to give one of you the book A Woman After God's Heart by Elizabeth George. This is the book that encourged me and gave me practical tips on pursuing God's priorities concerning my home, my chidren, and my husband. I also want to give you a pass for you and a girlfriend to attend one of  my upcoming classes

918833: A Woman After God"s Own Heart, Updated and Expanded Edition A Woman After God's Own Heart, Updated and Expanded Edition

These are my last classes before summer hits. I will then resume classes in September. If you win this giveaway, you and a girlfriend can chose from one of the following classes:

Thurs, April 26: Couponing 101, 7-9pm at my house in Raleigh, NC
Tues, May 8: Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking, 7-9:15pm at my house in Raleigh
Thurs, May 31: Home Organization & Decor, 7-9:30pm at my house in Raleigh

To enter, leave me a comment. Tell me what this post made you think of. Tell me what kind of posts are your favorite at The Intentional Home? What would you like to see in the future at The Intentional Home? What questions do you want to see answered?  I am so excited for you. You really were made to run an intentional home. You really were made to be the hearbeat of your home.

And for a 2nd entry, tell you friends on Facebook about this giveaway and this post and then come back here and tell me you did so in a separate comment. That will give you 2 chances to win this giveaway!

You have until tonight (Friday, 4/20), midnight to enter all 3 giveaways and Saturday morning I will use to chose 3 winners. Go here to win a one of a kind, custom made coupon binder and a copy of Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace. Go here to win 3 Meal Planning tools. And comment below to win a copy of the above book and a pass for you and a girlfriend to attend one of my classes.


  1. I have loved reading your blog, Su! It was neat this week to read how it all got started. I would love to read more about family traditions you guys have, parenting through the years and point your kids to Christ, and time management. Can't wait to keep reading and seeing the future of The Intentional Home unfold. :)
    ~Lisa Harmon

  2. I also posted it on Facebook.
    ~Lisa Harmon

  3. This post made me think of that thing you once said about me and this blog sometime down the road, and the conversation that inspired it, and wondering if it is in God's plan. I love seeing posts on how you deal with housekeeping. Please. Please help me with my bathroom... :)

    1. Ok. . a bathroom post in in the works :) I learned how to clean my bathroom for Jeff Campbell's book Speed Cleaning plus a few pointers from FlyLady. . .but I will take some pics and write a post about it jsut for you :)

  4. I enjoyed your post about children and chores. My children are young, but I like you at an early age you get your children involved. I have taken some ideas away from this. Thank you. You feel "real" to me and understand what it is like to be a busy Mom. I really appreciate that.


  5. I love hearing about ways you are intentional about teaching your children. I so respect how you and your husband have raise/raised them. I was so amazed when one time I brought some groceries to your house for your church, and your boys rushed to the car to help without being told. I remember telling my husband how it was so neat that they actually seemed excited about helping carry groceries. Anyways, I don't have children of my own yet, but I've saved many of the posts/ideas in a folder to read again in the future. My suggestion for more future posts would be to include more about your personal experiences with adoption.
    ~Jeannette C.

  6. I have enjoyed reading your posts and this one made me think about what God wants me to be versus what I want or the world screams at me to be. I would like to read more posts about activities (both fun and instructional) to do with my children that teach them about serving others as well as any other helpful information for staying at home with small children and not getting in a rut with the day-to-day. Thank you for your encouragement and using the gifts you have been given - what a blessing you are!!

  7. I posted on Facebook as well.

  8. I always check this blog for ideas around the holidays. You have great tips on pointing our kids right back to Jesus. I'd like to see some more of those that aren't just holiday related. I love the way you and Rob use 'zingers', and it would be great to learn more about those. You showed us how to even use chores to point our kids back to Biblical values, so perhaps more of those kinds of things in the other areas you specialize in. I am totally rambling here...but I'd love some zingers for teaching my kids how to handle care for their own room, be careful with their money, that sort of thing. Thanks for what you do!

  9. oh- and I reposted yesterdays "How God Grew..." post on Facebook!:)

  10. I love this. I truly believe we are all called to do something. For many years, I was called to teach and really believe that was my calling. Then, when my youngest was born, my heart just wasn't in it anymore. I wanted to be teaching my baby not paying someone else to. We were so blessed to move to NC which allowed me to stay home. I still feel like this is where I belong. Sometimes I get these ideas that I should be doing more outside of the home, but then, it just doesn't seem possible. I just love that you are living your dream of starting your own business through The Intentional Home. I am new to your blog but have loved everything I've read so far. I read your Children and Chores series. My girls are still pretty young, but I'd love to learn more on how you get them so willing to help out at home without all the complaining.

  11. This blog reminded me that I need to come to one of your classes. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I used to go to Redeemer! How did I not know????

  12. This post made me think of the power of prayer to keep my heart focused on what the Lord wants from me and not what I think I want from this life. To hear that you pray over each seat before your classes absolutely warms my heart! I want to be more intentional with my prayers.
    I have really enjoyed your posts about raising children to love the Lord. I would love more series that focus on this. The series are really fun!
    -Brooke C

  13. I love when you post great deals you've found. With three small children it is sometimes hard for me to sort through the info on all the blogs and spot the great deals! I would love for you to post ideas for moms with small children. My children have simple chores but they are small enough that they can't do their own laundry, wash dishes, etc. so I struggle to get it all done myself. Thanks for blessng me with your blog!
    Laura Thomas

  14. This post made me think that I really need to come to your classes. I've been reading your blog for over a year and need to get better at spending less and saving more!

  15. This post makes me think of how I have these big dreams that I constantly have to lay at his feet! I want to speak at conferences as well.

  16. I love hearing your story! You have so many great ideas to offer. Being intentional is so necessary in today's busy world. Thanks for following your dream!

  17. I am a new reader Of your blog and really enjoy it. Loved hearing why / how you got started!

  18. You inspire me Su. I have read the same books and done many of the things you are doing, but other things (like homeschooling) took much time and I have neglected my home and it has become unorganized again. My homeschooling career is over now and I am getting back on track and am looking forward to feeling uncluttered and enjoying my home once again. You are helping! God is using you in my life! -Carla D.

  19. I love hearing your story! You have so many great ideas to offer. Being intentional is so necessary in today's busy world. Thanks for following your dream!

  20. And this is why we have kindred hearts dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being you... out there for everyone to know.


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