Friday, April 27, 2012

What I'm Reading

A few weeks ago, I won a blog giveaway. The prize:  the book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad by Shari Braendel.

326014: Good Girls Don"t Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman

I thought this book was going to be a little love gift for my teenage daughter because I have never been one to be passionate about fashion, shopping, and accessorizing. I always viewed clothes as just a necessity. I am not one to watch What Not to Wear or buy the latest fashion magazine. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these things, they just have never been my favorite pastimes.

But let me tell you, I devoured this book! This book is soooo rich with useful, practical information to help you look and feel your best. I so want to hold a class and teach you all what I learned. I mean with a few little tweaks, we can look fabulous!

Here are just few things I learned:

1. I learned what my body shape is (there are 4 types) and how to best dress for that body shape.

2. I learned what colors look the best on me. There are 6 color categories based on your hair, skin tone, and eyes. Do you know which colors suit you? Do you know what colors help you light up? Do you know what colors of makeup look best on you? Shari tells you.

3. I learned what my face shape is and how to choose a hairstyle and glasses to flatter that face shape. There are 4 different face shapes.

4. I learned how to make sure you have a good fitting bra. Shari says that 8 of 10 women wear the wrong size bra. I tell you I want to teach a class just on this!  A good bra can so make a difference in your appearance. I think a lot of us would look 15 pounds lighter if we just wore the right bra.

Oh we could all get together and figure out each other's body shapes, face shapes, and colors. Ok, maybe I just teach on the body shapes and you figure out that on your own. But we could talk out loud about each other's colors and face shapes. Anyone in? And then at the end we could make painted canvases that look like this:

via Pinterest

Or we could make scrapbook pages for our daughters or those special girls in our lives reminding them what true beauty is:

this picture came from a post I wrote recently on  4 Ideas to Help Raise Truly Beautiful Girls

One more thing, my favorite chapter in Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad was the one on jeans. Not only does Shari tell you what type of jean will work for your body type, she then goes on to tell you what brands to go try on!!  I can't wait to go shopping with the list she gives in this book!

And all this so connects to The Intentional Home.  Because once you know what looks best on you, then you shop with intentionality! No more impulse buying. No more wasted money. No more clothes hanging in your closet that you don't wear. No more wondering what to wear. No more feeling frumpy.

Note: This is not a sponsored or compensated post. I simply won this book and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share with you. I am actually going to go thru this book with my two girls (there's a great chapter on modesty). Now, that link above is an affiliate link which means if you do buy the book thru that link, I will get a few cents. But of course, no pressure. The book is so worth $10, but if you want to borrow my copy, let me know. And then once you read it, we can go intentional shopping together!


  1. Sign me up to borrow, sister!

  2. I'd love to come to this class! On the subject of good fitting bras she is absolutely correct! The best place to go in Raleigh to get a great fit (for any size bust, from AA to over DD) is the Penny Rich Bra Patch off of Old Wake Forest Road, behind the Red Lobster. It's amazing what those ladies can do for your figure in 15 minutes!

  3. Yes please do a class on this and I will be there!

  4. I'd sign up for this class too! :) What an empowering thing to learn so that we all feel more comfortable in our own skin. :)

  5. This intrigued me, and I ordered the book! Thank you for sharing! Carol Powell P.S. I'd love to join in on the fun, but of course, depends on the date and cost..... thanks for the invite!

  6. Hi Su:

    Let me know if you do a class on this, I'd be there in a heartbeat!!

    Happy hugs,
    Pat Lang

  7. Hey Su,

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! The blog's new face looks wonderful! Very user friendly, too. In fact, I just quickly referenced where you got the ingredients for your homemade cleaners. I'm getting ready to try the laundry detergent. How wonderful! I really appreciated your post about how God gave you your dream back. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Loved this post about the beauty book. I would totally get together to discuss all things mentioned in your post. :) -Amy G.


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