Friday, May 18, 2012

5 for Friday, May 18

Happy Friday! Here's 5 things I wanted to share with you:

1. Harris Teeter Triples is still going on. It ends Tues, 5/22. How have you done? You got any pictures to show me? 

My favorite deals have been:

-Grande Tortilla Chips are on sale for $2.50. Use the 75¢ coupon from 4/15 SS and get then for 25¢ a bag. Perfect for all the homemade salsa making once our tomatoes come in.

-Always Liners are $1.29. Use the 50¢ coupon from 4/29 PG and get them for free.  But there is also an evic coupon for 50¢ off one pack, did you load it to your card. If so, then you will get an additional 50¢ off, which means you make money!

-Dole Frozen Fruit is on sale for $2. Use the 75¢ coupon from 4/15 SS and get a 2 pack for free. My kids use the strawberry ones for smoothies.

-Mardi Gras napkins (250 count) are on sale for $1.99. Use the 55¢ from 3/18 RP and get then for 34¢. (My store was out before I got there; I will continue to look for these. Did you get them?)

2. And I did notice in my evic email this morning the following two deals. These deals start today (5/18) and run til Tuesday (5/22). Did you get these deals in your evic email?

-Sparkle Paper Towels (8 regular rolls or 6 big rolls) are on sale for $3.97. Use the 50¢ from 5/6 RP and get them for $2.47. I aim to pay no more than 50¢ a roll for paper towels. So this deal fits way under that!!

-Angel Soft Toilet Paper (12 reg roll or 9 mega roll) is on sale for $4.97. Use the 45¢ from 3/25 RP and you get it for $3.62. I aim to pay between 25¢-35¢ a roll for toilet paper so this deal fits right into my stockpile price list.

Read more here:

Read more here:
3. There will be two inserts in this coming Sunday paper.  So hopefully there will be new deals to be had at HT Triples with these coupons.

And next weekend, since it is Memorial Day Weekend weekend, there will be no coupon inserts. There are usually no coupon inserts on major holidays but just to be sure, you can check the 2012 coupon insert schedule here.

I usually call the N&O and ask them to not deliver my paper when I know there are going to be no inserts (since the only reason I get it is for the coupons). I ask them to just extend my subscription a week. You do all this thru an automated service.

N&O phone Customer Service # is 1-800-522-4205, then you'll enter #1 and proceed to enter date stop and date start.

4. There is one spot open in Anna's Craft Camp for a Cause which runs June 18-22 and is for girls ages 7-12. Clcik here for all the details. Anna has been busy making lists and buying supplies and planning. It is a joy to see my girl dream big and then work hard.

found this on Pinterest and it so reminded me of my Anna, especialy with the map since
Anna dreams of lviing full time in Guatemala and loving on the orphans there

5. My last class before the summer hits in next Thurs, May 31. I take a break for the summer since my kids are all home all day long. .and also to just refocus and plan for the upcoming year (create new classes, figure out what The Intentional Home is to be about for the following year, etc). I resume teaching in September.

On Thurs, May 31, I will be teaching my Home Organization and Decor Class.  Cick here for all the details because as of now, I have 3 spots open.

Here's what others are saying about this totally new and updated class (if you came a few years back, you may want to come again because it has all changed for the better):

Oh my WORD, Su! I had a wonderful time at your "House to Home" class yesterday. I came home and immediately started gathering ideas/inspiration for making our sanctuary. Thank you for being YOU and sharing your story with us. I think this is going to be a game-changer for me & my family. -GC

You rocked my world a bit last night, Su! Thanks for a great class. This may sound silly, but decorating and style are topics that are really kind of outside my usual comfort zone. Walking back into my house last night (decorated in Late Fisher Price style) was a little overwhelming, but I tried focusing on the ways that I am already on the right path. You do a good job of saying "If I can do this, then you can SO do this!" Thanks, because I needed a boost of confidence! I am excited about getting my family involved in dreaming up a home that makes us all say "AAAH, this is the life!" -TB

Have a great weekend!  I have 21 teenage girls spending the night at my house this weekend! I am off to prepare for that!

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