Friday, May 25, 2012

5 for Friday: May 25

Happy Friday! Happy Long Weekend! 

1. And Happy End of May!  Is May not the most packed month of the year? I am trying to catch my breath from the fullness and end of the school year craziness. My house (and me) tend to fall apart every single May.

And in 14 days, all my kids will be home all day long. Summer will be here. I am trying to create a summer plan and routine. But have not had any time because it is May!! My list is in rough draft form right now. And over this long weekend, I will be asking the kids for their input. I plan to share my list with ya'll next week. I try to come up with an activity for each kid under 6 distinct categories: Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. I'll share all about it next week.

But tell me, do you create a Summer Bucket List? I'd love to see your list. A list sure does make the summer days much more intentional. Here's 2 I found online:

from Meg (mom of 5)over at one of my favorite blogs, Whatever

from Kristen (mom of 3) over at More than Mulberries

2. As most of you know, my 2 youngest kids are adopted. My youngest, Jonathan (now 5) was adopted from Guatemala at 10 months old. And my 4th child, Daniel was adopted from Ethiopia at 7 years old. He has almost been home a full year now. Here they are in true form:

Since adoption is dear to my heart, I wanted to share 2 opportunities to come alongside 2 families in the adoption process (#2 and #3 on this 5 for Friday post).

My friends the Corbetts (who I first met in my coupon class!) are in the process of adopting a toddler girl from Ethiopia, using the same agency we used in the adoption of Daniel.

Adoption Ministry of YWAM-Ethiopia has several orphanages in Ethiopia and they are in need of the following items that the Corbetts would like to take with them when they travel to meet their little girl.

Perhaps you can help by cleaning our your closets and cabinets:

· plastic bottles
· nipples for bottles
· hand towels and wash cloths
· crib sheets - cribs in ET are smaller than standard size so we need small flat sheets
· toddler toys
· chewable children's vitamins
· umbrella for guards (4 centers)
· shirts for guards (medium)

· Depends for the widows at the Widows & Orphan Home
· cloth diapers (pre-folded)
· diaper covers and plastic pants
· shorts for boys (size 2, 3, 4)
· size 1T, 2T, 3T clothes
· baby wipes

If you have any of these items (in new or gently used condition) you would like to give, please contact me and you can drop the items off at my house and I will get them to the Corbetts. I promise not a thing will go wasted; Rob and I have seen the needs with our own eyes.

3. Speaking of adoption, there is a silent auction fundraiser happening on Saturday, June 2 at Crosspointe Church in Cary.

All proceeds from this silent auction go towards Drew and Cassie Jackson's adoption; they are the next on the list to get a call from Ethiopia with a name and face of the child that will join their family. I donated a class; the winning bidder and a friend can attend any one of my classes. For more info, check out the Jackson's blog.

4. I am on week 6 of training for my first ever 5K. My sister is hosting a 5K in June for beginners and non-runners. And for us first timers, my sister shared with us a modified version of the Couch to 5K plan. Jenny's plan can be found HERE and it only takes 30 minutes, 3 days a week for 2 months.

new shoes I bought for my new running. . .
but I do not like them at all, so I am back running in my old shoes.
But aren't the colors pretty?

Last night I walked 5 min, ran 10 min, walked 3 min, ran 10 minutes. I cannot believe it.  I am telling you when I first started on week 1 where I had to alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking, I struggled to run for 60 seconds. Really struggled and now I am running 10 minutes at a time. I mean I do not like to sweat and now I am sweating 3 times a week. Me running? Who would have thought. I am telling you once you start being intentional in one area of your life and home, it starts oozing into other areas. What area do you want to be intentional about next?

5.  Rob and I will be starting this long weekend with a 24 hour date with no kids. 5pm today until 5pm Sat, it will be just us at home. I am a little giddy. I will be back blogging on Tuesday. Happy Long Weekend!! Remember there are no coupon inserts this weekend because it is a holiday weekend. What are your plans this weekend? May it be an intentional one!


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