Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Weeks of Craft Camp for Girls this Summer!

Anna's Craft Camp for a Cause
for Girls ages 7-12
June 17-21 OR Aug 5-9, 2013

held at the Soutters' home in Raleigh, NC
led by Anna Soutter (assisted by Su)
$125 per week
(this is a fundraiser to help support Anna's mission trip to Guatemala this summer)
this is a picture from last year's Craft Camp; the girls made their own bubble gum machines
Anna is offering 2 weeks of Craft Camp this summer! Pick your week: June 17-21 OR Aug 5-9 or sign up for both; the crafts will be different each week! Each day at Anna's camp, the crafty girls will make 2 crafts. . .really cool crafts that I promise you will not end up throwing away.
And half way thru the morning, the girls will take a break and move into the kitchen to make an edible foodie craft for snack. So really, each day the girls will make 3 crafts.
Anna needs $2900 to go to Guatemala because this summer she is going for 2 1/2 weeks! She has raised $300 so far and wants to teach craft camps again this summer to help her raise more of the money needed.

This will be Anna's 3rd time going to Guatemala. Anna and Rob went to Guatemala the summer of 2008 to love up on the children in a number of orphanages, including the one Jonathan (our 5th child) lived in for his first 10 months. Since then, Anna has had a heart for the children of Guatemala. Here is Anna from that summer (she was 11), whispering to a girl that she is indeed a princess and very much loved. 

Last July, Anna spent a week loving on the children of Casita Adonai. Casita Adonai is a small private Christian school in a difficult area of Guatemala City, an area devastated by poverty, gangs, and lack of education. Anna wrote a blog post about her week in Guatemala here. Check it out to read all that Anna learned on that trip and to see lots of pictures. After last summer, Anna knew without a doubt that once she gets out of school, she wants to live and serve the children of Guatemala full time.

This summer, Anna will spend 2 1/2 weeks with the kids of Casita Adonai. Caroline's Promise (the organization Anna is going with and the organization that provided a grant to help us adopt Jonathan) is working with the local church in Guatemala to provide a safe, loving, quality education for some of the city's most vulnerable children. Many of them are orphans, living with grandparents or other family members. The rest of them live with their single mothers who struggle to earn $1 a day. The school, Casita Adonai provides a safe haven for these families and their children. 

Anna teaching the kids of Casita Adonai dance moves
My Anna (who will be 16 on May 18th!!) is super crafty. My Anna is patient. My Anna loves pouring into those younger than she is. . .she is the oldest of 5, helps teach Sunday School to the elementary school kids, and purposely seeks out the younger girls at church to love on and pour into. This craft camp is right up her alley.

If you would like to sign up your girl for Anna's Craft Camp, contact me with what week you are interested in and Anna and I will send you all the details. Space is limited; we can take 12 girls each week.


  1. I LOVE this idea for her to raise money while influencing such a great age at the same time. So wish my Stacy was old enough to attend, I know she would love it. I pray God blesses Anna greatly.

  2. Oh how I love every single thing about this post! I wish Abigail were older because she would LOVE this! I am thrilled to hear Anna is returning to Guatemala! I want to go too! I have no doubt she will be such a blessing to all those she meets.

  3. Dear Su,

    You must be so proud of Anna! This is wonderful!!

    I would sign up my Stella in a heartbeat, but she is going to be at VBS that week....
    If it moves to the afternoon, or is Anna offers anything at another time, please let me know.


  4. would LOVE LOVE LOVE to sign up my girls (and their friends) but Mount Vernon has their VBS choir camp that week...then bayleaf the next. If you move it to the week before we'd be there:)!!

  5. This sounds awesome, Su and Anna! I will be praying for this event and also for Anna's trip.

    Elaine L McNeill


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