Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Deal on Diapers at CVS

I went to CVS this morning and thought I'd share my shop with ya'll.  These deals are good til Sat, 5/12.

There is a great deal on Huggies diapers this week.  Anytime I can get diapers for under $5 a pack, I stock up. Even when my Jonathan is out of diapers at night, I will continue to stock up because diapers make a great baby shower gift to keep on hand.  I keep size 2 diapers and pink and blue bows (from the Dollar Store) in my stockpile.

I did 2 transactions.

Transaction 1:
  • Snickers bar is on sale for 75¢ (get 75¢ back in ECBs, front page of flier)
  • Good'n Natural Bar is on sale for 99¢ (page 12)
  • Kotex pads, tampons, or liners are on sale for $3.99 (get $3 back in ECBs, page 11 of flier)
Total = $5.73

Use the Free Good'n Natural coupon from 5/6 RP and your total is $4.74 plus tax ($5.08)

And you get back $3.75 in ECBs. I also got a $1 back for using my Green Bag Tag 4 times.

Transaction 2:
  • 2 packs of Little Snugglers or Little Movers Huggies Diapers, Jumbo Pack. These are on sale 2/$20. Remember at drugstores, you do have to buy 2 to get the $20 deal. You canNOT buy one and get it for $10 like you could at the grocery stores.
  • 1 pack of Huggies Wipes, the large pack for $6

Total= $26 (which you had to buy at least $25 of Huggie items to get $10 ECBs back, page 12)

Use 2 of the $2 coupons from 4/15 SS for the diapers to get your total down to $22.

Pay with the $3.75 from Transaction 1. I paid with my $4.75.

And that brought the grand total down to $17.25 plus tax (18.94).  And then I got back $10 in ECBs for me to use next week.
This is what ECBs look like; they are at the bottom of your receipt.

So for $24 out of pocket (but really like $14 because I got $10 ECBs back), I got a candy bar, an energy bar, box of pads, 2 jumbo packs of diapers, and a jumbo pack of diaper wipes!!  Yipee!!  $14 is about what you would pay for one package of jumbo diapers ($11.99 plus tax) and I got 2 packs. wipes, pads, and 2 snacks.

Let me know if you go try this deal. 

And speaking of drugstores, 2 things:

1. Emily, who just took my coupon class on April 26 (not even a month ago!) emailed me this morning and shared that she spent $1.16 at Walgreens and got 2 Pantene Shampoos, 6 Starbucks and a gallon of milk!   Centsible Saver has all the deal matchups for the drugstores here. I am telling you, I like shopping the drugstores more than I do the grocery stores.

2. In the fall, be on the lookout for my Drugstore Only Class. I usually teach this class once a year. This summer I will be revamping this Drugstore Only Class so that it is up to date with the latest drugstore coupon policies and secrets. The handouts will be new, the class will be new. . you will not want to miss it.  Here is what one gal said who took my last Drugstore Only class:

Oh Su! Have I mentioned that I heart CVS, I heart Rite Aid, I heart WAGS, I heart Southern Savers. I know I haven't given you an update since I took your Drugstore Only Class in the Fall, so here it is:

I am so glad I took the Drugstore Only Class. I was a little slow to get started, but now I love it. I have shattered all my previous low price records...AND I looked (a little bit) fabulous doing it because I have all new makeup!!


  1. Just got my CVS diapers and wipes! Can I use the $10 to go get more and get another set and another $10?

    1. no. . .in the flier, it tells you what the limit is per card. The limit is 1 on this deal. So save your $10 for next week. Or use it now to buy milk and toilet paper (stuff you need).

  2. Su, I can't wait for your Drugstore Only Class! I took both your couponing and meal planning classess and loved them. We are saving money already after just 3 weeks, but I haven't delved into the drug stores yet. I just go to Harris Teeter so far. I can't wait to save even more money in the drug stores!


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