Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Craft: Wooden Block Photo Holders!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Anna invited 21 girls over for a sleepover to celebrate her 15th birthday. I had activities planned from 5pm to 3am so there would be no room for drama, cliques, or gossip. I also wanted the girls to interact with each other instead of tweeting and texting. One activity we did was a picture scavenger hunt and another was crafting these wooden block photo holders.(inspired by Meg's Craft Weekend over at the blog Whatever).  We used the box of crafty goodness Plaid sent me a few weeks ago (remember I hinted to this craft with a picture of the Plaid haul in my last post?)

This craft was such a success that I wanted to share with you all the how-tos and lots of pictures. This would be a great activity for a group of tween or teen girls. Look at this group creating:

This would also be a special way to spend some mother/daughter time. Or time with your niece. Or a fun activity to keep the kids you are babysitting this summer entertained on a rainy day. Anna and all her friends were posting pictures of their wooden block photo holders on Instagram. . . that says something right there, eh?

All the supplies needed to make these wooden block photo holders can be found at Walmart.

You need:

-6x6 wooden plaque. . .made by Plaid. I bought all that my Walmart had and still needed more so I bought some 6x6 canvases that were in Walmart's craft department too.The canvases are a little thicker/deeper but they worked just as well.

-tissue paper (in the cards and wrapping paper section of Walmart)
-paint brush (Plaid sent these to me, but you can get them at Walmart)
-ribbon to coordinate with tissue paper

-paint to coordinate with tissue paper (Plaid sent this to me too, but it's only 53¢ at Walmart)
-Mod Podge. . I used the Gloss finish, but you could use Sparkle or Matte

-mini wooden clothespins (these are found in the school/office supply section of Walmart)
-hot glue gun
-scissors to cut tissue paper


Mod Podge acts as a glue and a sealer. Therefore, brush Mod Podge on your wooden block/canvas and then lay tissue paper on top of the Mod Podge. This gal is laying her tissue paper in a diagnol pattern:

After you lay each piece of tissue paper ontop of the Mod Podge, you then brush Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper. This is my wooden block photo holder that I made rainbow striped (of course, eh?). See how I brushed Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper?

Mod Podge goes under and on top of the tissue paper. Piece by piece you create your design.

For the edges of the wooden block, you simply brush some Mod Podge on the edge of the wooden block, wrap the tissue paper around and let it stick to the Mod Podge, and then brush some modpodge on top of the tissue paper.

Once the wooden block is covered, make sure there are no loose tissue paper edges. If there are, just brush them down with Mod Podge. Mod Podge is so easy and fun to work with. Then set aside your wooden block to dry. Here is one of my favorite designs one of Anna's friends came up with. She used a circle punch. She simply put a piece of computer paper under the tissue paper and punched circles thru both piece of papers. That way the tissue paper did not rip. So creative.

Here's a gal ready to put her block aside to dry. She sure looks pretty for it being 3am.

While your wooden block is drying, paint a mini clothespin in a color that coordinates and set it aside to dry as well.

Tie a piece of ribbon in a simple knot and hot glue it to the top of your wooden block. I think the thicker the ribbon, the better it looks. The girls who used thinner ribbon, we had to stack 3 bows on top of each other to make it look good.

Hot glue the clothespin in the top center of your wooden block. . giving enought room for a photo to be clipped there.

Each photo holder turned out so unique. All such happy, colorful pieces of art.

Here's mine completed:

And here it is holding the perfect picture of my girls. This wooden block photo holder is going in my girls' room. It can hang on the wall or just sit on top of their dresser.

More craft ideas can be found on Plaid's Pinterest Boards; they're worth checking out. And speaking of Pinterest, I had my Anna make the above "Pinnable Photo" for you so you could pin this wooden block photo holder tutorial to your Pinterest boards. It's such a fun craft. Plaid also has lots of other surfaces (all that can be gotten at Walmart) that you could use the above Mod Podge technique on. I like these frames:

Disclosure: This post is part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social, which means I was provided the craft materials and a small payment in exchange for writing this tutorial (perfect timing for Anna's bday party, eh?). However, the opinions in this post are my own and I thought you would really be interested in the craft we did at Anna's party. Let me know if you try it out; I'd love to see pictures.

I also shared this post at two of my favorite linky parties: Serenity Now and Jennifer Rizzo.


  1. Thanks, Su, for the wonderful tutorial! This will make for an awesome activity for my MOPS group!

  2. Love this! Abigail and I are all over this!

  3. Love all the bright colors.

    Stopping by via the Tip Junkie linky. :-)

  4. LOVE LOVE the rainbow! These are so cute and what a fun project!

  5. love this idea & would love to share with some friends. thanks for sharing!


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