Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Summer brings an abundance of fresh fruit. And with that comes an abundance of fruit flies. I hate fruit flies, almost as much as I hate mosquitoes.  Pinterest came to my rescue again and I have discovered a way to get rid of those fruit flies. This really works!!  I tell you I search Pinterest more than I search Google now.

You need 4 things:
a jar or vase
a piece of computer paper
a small slice of fruit

Here are the steps to get rid of fruit flies in your home:

1. Find a jar or vase. Put a piece of fruit in the bottom of the jar. One strawberry is enough. Or one slice of banana. An apple core will work too.

2.  Make a funnel out of paper. Just roll up your paper into a funnel shape and tape the paper in place. The funnel needs to be wide enough to fit snuggly in the jar. You may need to adjust the funnel; just take the tape off and adjust.

3. Stick the paper funnel in the jar. And put tape on the edges where the funnel meets the jar so no pesky fruit flies can escape.

4. Place the jar right where the fruit flies are flying around. In about 12 hours, you will see that the fruit flies have climbed inside the jar. Do you see them in the picture above? For some reason, the fruit flies cannot get out. I think they are not smart enought to find the small hole and fly back out the funnel.

5. Once all the fruit flies are in the jar and not flying around your house, put the jar in the freezer. Yes, freeze those fruit flies. This will kill them. After a few hours, I take the jar out of the freezer and wash it out.

You gotta try this! It really works!! 


  1. Su,
    I do this all the time. Sometimes it'll even catch full sized flies! You can also use a small funnel (instead of paper) and put something like fruit juice in the bottom too (it doesn't seem to get stinky quite as fast as the fruit...but perhaps that's because I tend to leave mine assembled for a week or so before cleaning it out to start anew).

    1. Oh, love that you can use a regular funnel. . I will try that next time!!

  2. That is so cool! Totally going to do this. :) Liz Green

  3. Another trick to catching fruit flies is to leave an inch or so of wine in a short, wide-mouthed cup on the counter top overnight. They love the wine, go in for a sip, and never come back out! In the morning, you'll see them all floating on the top! Gross, yeah! But it works!

    1. Ah. . .and this takes less time to construct the trap! Love it!

  4. I pour some apple cider vinegar into a bowl with a little dish soap mixed in. They love it.


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