Friday, June 1, 2012

A List of Summer Activities for the Kids

Summer is going to be here in a short 7 days. I still have one dance performance, 3 class parties, and a graduation to go to. I still have 4 more events that I have to remember to send items in for. And I still need to find a school library book. I feel like I am not even going to be able to catch my breath between the end of school year craziness and the first day of summer break. Let alone get a plan in place for summer.

Do you have a plan in place? Are you planning for a relaxed and slow-paced summer? Or are you planning for an action-packed summer with lots of outings? What do you want your summer to look like? What do your kids want summer to look like? Do you have a plan to make it happen?

I have a plan for how I am going to get a summer vision and plan which I shared briefly here. And I thought I was going to finalize my summer vision, plan, and routine last weekend, but I did not. So I cannot share it with you yet, perhaps next week? 

But I do have a list of summer resources and activities I have been collecting.  Hopefully this list will help you plan an intentional summer. And please let me know if you have any to add to the list!!

1. Today, June 1 is National Doughtnut Day! Stop in your local Krispy Kreme for a FREE doughnut of any variety. No purchase necessary!

This reminds me of something Rob and I did when my 3 oldest were little; Daniel and Jonathan were not with us yet. One night, Rob and I put the kids to bed. And then about 20 minutes later, we rang the fire alarm.  The kids raced outside to our location we had practiced many times before. And when we were all there, we said, "That was just a practice alarm! Eveyone in the car now, in their pjs, for a drive to Krispy Kreme!!"  The kids still talk about it!! I mean that must have been 7 years ago!  


An Intentional Home blog reader did let me know that Sonic is offering 1/2 off all their milksakes after 8pm all summer long. You could so do the pj run to Sonic!

2. On Tues, June 5 at the Lego Store in Crabtree Mall, kids ages 6-14 can learn how to build a cool mini model lawn mower for FREE! The event starts at 5pm and is open while supplies last. Kids get to keep their models.

The Lego store in Crabtree actually offers a free mini model build on the first Tuesday of every month.  So mark your calendars.

3. For a rainy summer day:  Free GAME rental from Redbox. Send the text TRYUS to 727272 and you'll immediately get a return text with a code for a one-night game rental. From what I am reading in blogland, the code is good thru end of July. Let me know if you do this and what the expiration date is!

4. Both City Search and let you search for fun kid activities by city. I have these resources bookmarked; I have not checked out what they have listed for Raleigh yet. Are you familiar with these sites?

5. I have also been collecting ideas on my Pinterest Kid Crafts and Activities board. Are you following it? I have been trying to collect activities for the boys especially. I really want to try the glow in the dark bubbles and glow in dark sidewalk paint.

6. Barnes and Noble is running their summer reading program again. For every 8 books your kids read and record on their reading log (print it out HERE), Barnes and Noble will let them choose a free book to take home. There are lots and lots of good books to chose from that your kids will actually want. The program runs until Sept. 4.

Read more If you want a relaxed and slow-paced summer—plan for it! Likewise, if you want an action-packed summer with lots of outings with the kids, friends or your significant other—plan for that! They key to making summer (or any other period of time, for that matter) exactly what you want it to be is to first decide what you want and then create a plan to make it happen. When you plan ahead, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of creating the outcome you want while significantly reducing stress. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?
7. And thanks to you those following The Intentional Home on Facebook, HERE and HERE are the lists for free and cheap summer movies. Looks like most movies are showing Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Any other summer resources or activities you have to add to this list?


  1. Thank you for sharing your list! One summer freebie I plan to use is free bowling. Kids bowl free ALL summer through

    We agreed upon a daily routine -although our schedule has some flexibility for outings or adapting when their behavior dictates a need to tweak it. I am hoping to limit our days out of the house so I don't spend my summer running around! Then there's VBS and two camps that involve some of their friends hanging out with us afterwards. I am going to be intentional about making our house THE house for this summer!

  2. We're on the year round school schedule, so our "summer" is short - only the month of July (1st day of school for us next year is actually July 30).

    My oldest will return to his summer day camp for a week - he loved it last year (his first time) and cannot wait to go back. The youngest isn't old enough to go there yet so he will spend the first week of July at his pre=school for their version of "summer camp". My intention for that week is to get our garage cleaned out. I'm hoping my husband can take a day to help me b/c I really enjoy projects with him.

    Then we have a day at the dentist (me and the boys have appointments bck to back). Then we're off the to the mid west for a family visit and wedding.

    When we come back we'll only have a week and half of summer left (not including the weekends). I'm trying to plan a day trip to the beach with friends for one of those days. Other outings that I'm considering include: story time at the library, free bowling and we have a voucher for a free one hour session at Crazy Glaze in Fuquay. Since I'd only have to pay for one kid we may try that also. Finally, I know that the boys will want to have playdates with the neighborhood kids and their cousins.

    Once I get a few items on the calendar I intend to block out "rest days" where we don't go anywhere but kids can come here to play or our kids can walk to the neighbors to play.

    I love only having 3 or 4 weeks off at a time - it's just the right amount of time for playing and resting before we get back into our routine!

  3. Dear Sue,
    We at Families to Families LOVE your intentional blog! Having a plan for the summer with fun and interesting activities for the kids it is a huge help for the parents who have their kids with them at home while school is out. We also published a post in our blog about the importance of a structure during summer, and decided to mention your great post about summer activities in it among other interesting and helpful summer links. Thanks so much for such a great blog you are keeping. It really helps parents to live family life with intention.
    This is the post where we mention yours ;)
    Thanks again!
    Families to Families


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