Friday, June 8, 2012

The Power of a Summer Routine

It’s the first day of summer vacation and I need a plan. I need a summer time schedule, nothing too rigid, but some overall guidelines to give structure to our days.

I have learned that a summer routine makes our days hum along. A summer routine helps the kids and me not yell at each other. A summer plan makes our days much more intentional and at the end of the summer we have actually done all the fun stuff I always mean to do.

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Below is our proposed summer routine. I know each family is different with different circumstances, ages and # of kids, different lifestyles, etc. I share my summer plan as a resource, as a place for you to start thinking and brainstorming, as a place to get motivated and inspired to create your own rhythm for your home. It is totally alright to think, "There's no way that would work at our home." But my below plan might just get you thinking of what would work in your home to help your summer run more smoothly.

my 5 reasons for creating a summer schedule

By 8:30: Be Dressed, Have Bed Made, Eat Breakfast and Put Own Dishes in Dishwasher  

8:30-9: Su read devotion, Bible story, etc with kids. Pray together. Su tell kids plan for the day and what is expected (perhaps get white board out?)

9-11: Kids Play (Su exercise from 9-10am and from 10-11 make daily chore chart for kids, meal plan, coupon, blog, etc)

11-12: Chores

12: Lunch

1-3: Study (read, workbooks, puzzles, mazes, brain teasers, write letters, write in journal, practice math, practice sight words, etc) Older kids work with/teach a younger kid one day a week. That way the younger kids will have one person with them 4 days and be by themselves one day. I will spend one day a week with each kid.

3:  Snack

3:30-4: Chores and Get Dinner Ready

4-6: Activity (like all those ones I have pinned) or Just Simply Walk to Park, Play with Neighbors, Jump on Trampoline

6-6:30: Prep for Dinner

6:30: Dinner

This is my plan for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wed and Friday will be the mornings we go to the pool, museum, park, free movies, grocery shop or run errands. We’ll pack a lunch or eat out and be back by 1pm. Or we can trade days. My goal is to be out only 2 mornings a week.

Note to Self (and you who are reading too!): Your summer time schedule is a guideline. Remember that things will come up and your schedule will get scrapped. Someone will invite you to come play or you will end up staying longer at the pool or one of your kids will have an extremely fussy and nonobeying day. But remember it is best to have a plan and make the decision to scrap it, than to have no plan at all. Remember, you are not a failure if you do not do the schedule just like it is written out. It is a loose guide to help you structure your day. You are a good mom. You are an intentional woman. You were made to be the heartbeat of your home.

Question: How are you going to structure your summer days?

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  1. Things I love about this post:
    1. that awesome picture of your kids
    2. the intentionality of your plan of attack for the summer.
    3. that I'd totally like to be one of your kids based on the schedule I read.

  2. Really love all you do Su! This summer schedule rocks! Wish i could have stuck to something like this all those summers i was home! Now that i am working full time, its impossible to enforce anything!! :)

  3. Dear Sue,
    We are really on the same page!
    Take a look at our latest post:

    Families to Families

  4. I made our daily schedule yesterday...the best part is my kids MADE their OWN BEDS! Thank you! Emily


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