Thursday, July 26, 2012

8 Zingers from the She Speaks Conference

Below are my zingers from She Speaks 2012, the conference I went to this past weekend. The one I was embarrassed to tell you about; remember my post Do You Dare? 

Even if you are not a speaker or writer, I bet your heart will resonate with at least one of the following:

1. Eat the fish; leave the bones. This was a quote from Lysa Terkeurst's pastor. I can see me whispering this to myself throughout my days, reminding myself to focus on the good stuff.

2. Live in the HEAR (yes, the H-E-A-R) and now. Renee Swope reminded us that so many of us want to hear God, have Him tell us what is in store, and get a plan. But you know what would happen if He did that? We would go on our merry way and not check back in for a good 6 months. God wants us to pursue Him moment by moment.

3. This is for all us teachers (public school, private, homeschool), Sunday School teachers (kid and adults!), Bible Study leaders, even corporate women who give presentations to teams: 

Messages must be remembered to bring about change in people. 

So what are we going to do to make sure our messages are remembered?

4. Research shows that what we say accounts for only 7% of the effectiveness of a presentation, while 93% is based on nonverbal communication.  A reminder that it is not what you say, but how you say it that often matters the most in communication. Not just for speakers and teachers. . but moms too, eh?

5. Use who you are to reveal more of who God is in the way only you can for the good of others.

Pray more than you prepare and practice. From Karen Ehman's teachng titled Unforgettable: How to Give a Message that Lingers and Lasts.

7.  Karen Ehman recently wrote a post here where she ended with the line "So I say family first…..but not family only." When I read that I was reminded of what Lysa TerKeurst said at the conference: Instead of putting God first, family second, ministry third, put God in the center and then build everything else around Him.

8. And then here is the big one for me. The one that had me crying. The one that I felt like was the whole reason I came to this conference.

See, all day Friday and Saturday, I walked around discouraged with this thought of "Really Lord, you need one more speaker? Look at all these ladies that you have called." 

Here is a picture of my speaker evaluation group. All these ladies were talented, skilled, gifted, just plain good. Every single one of them. And this was just 10 of the 650 ladies that came to this conference.

It was not that I was comparing myself to these ladies. It was just that I felt like we were "a dime a dozen". 

I kept praying, Lord give me one aha moment. One thing just for me. Nothing came Friday or all day Saturday. I was discouraged even though the teaching was good and I learned a lot.

Anyway, then Saturday night hit. Liz Curtis Higgs - full of life, loud, a hold nothing back kind of woman spoke and she had all 650 women laughing hysterically. . except for me (or at least I felt like it was just me). I was bawling hysterically. She said one sentence that touched something so deep inside me that I could not stop crying. . .even after her talk was done. The one sentence was:
I cannot NOT speak.

Finally, I felt like someone got me. That is me. I cannot NOT speak. I cannot NOT teach. It is who God made me. I have to be a good steward of what He has put in me. I got to do it and if I do not I am gonna burst. I feel His glory when I speak. I just cried and cried over that sentence. And then as weird as this sounds, I felt like God wrapped up "freedom" in a box with a big colorful, sparkly bow and handed it to me. I am still processing all this and wondering what this means practically. But it was like nothing I have experienced before.

Is there something you cannot NOT do?

Did any one of these 8 zingers zing you? I'd love to know what you're thinking.


  1. Loved meeting you and sharing stories with you, Su! You have a gift. Many blessings!

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this post. I hope to attend She Speaks one of these years. And figures that Liz Curtis Higgs would be the one to say what your heart needed to say. She was our keynote speaker at my church's women's conference one year and we all fell in love with her.

    1. see I did not even get her name right I was so overcome by tears and what God was speaking :) Thanks for letting me know. . I fixed it now.

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart, Su. God has given you a gift in your teaching and communicating! God is going to continue to use you in a powerful way.

  4. These are great! So many of them are the same things that challenged me, isn't that cool? I felt totally out of my element too, but I was so encouraged at the lack of competition and I'm- better-equipped- than you attitude. There was nothing like that present. It was all about EVERYONE doing what God has called THEM to do. I love the idea of making God famous with our lives.

    So glad you sent out the email! I'm a new follower. :)

    1. Didn't attend this year, did last week. And am really enjoying the nuggets you all are sharing. Love that famous idea too!!

  5. Oh Su! I'm so glad you got to go to the She Speaks conference! I've heard amazing things. Thanks for sharing your journey with us:)

  6. Loved this Su! I'm right there with you.. If God gave me this mouth, I must use it to exhort and proclaim Jesus.

  7. Evenin' Su!
    I loved meeting you spontaneously up high in a hallway! :) My favorite take away line is from Whitney Capps, "Is He worth it"??? YES sister! God is so big and so good... and we get to serve Him the rest of our lives! ~ Blessings out from Maine tonight, Amy Alves from

  8. Great post - glad you went and got the confirmation you needed. I cannot NOT create though there are times when it seems pointless because not enough people are buying and I don't have the personality of a "salesperson". Nevertheless, I still feel it is my calling "for such a time as this" and try to "just do it scared" and trust God with the rest!

    1. Susan- I am excited for you!! Be sure to let us know when you next shows are!!

  9. Hi Su! I came over from The Next Step. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and these eight steps. I feel a bit like I was there! And I totally know that feeling of how many awesome talents and amazing stories can women tell. Is there a need for my voice, my story at all. Good God News...Yes! Your story and what you have to say matters and can give God the glory in a way only you can. Bless you!

  10. Su, I found this blog through Next Step and I am so glad I did. I was also at She Speaks and also had the thought "really God You need another speaker". But I was so blessed!! We must think a lot alike because I walked away with many of the same things, esp. #6, to pray more than I prepare or practice. Thanks again for reminding all that I learned. Melissa

  11. Hi, I tried to connect with you on the She Speaks blog but I'm not sure if my comment didn't go through. NEvertheless, this is exactly how I felt too. Except I skipped that last session because I was far too sad and overwhelmed by everything. I felt at times like I knew I should go but why? Anyway, the next moprning God spoke to me.

    I so wish I could have met you!

  12. I love how you were intentional about writing down God's zingers for you! I am so blessed that I have made a new friend. You write just how you talk and I love it! Makes me miss you, though! So glad we were in the same group!!! I'm grabbing your button. I'm honored to have you on my blog side bar. I'm going to be in touch about guest posting on my site:-)


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