Monday, July 2, 2012

Cross Something Off Your Summer Bucket List

Have you settled into summer yet?  

Have you crossed anything off your summer bucket list yet?

Our summer bucket list is above and below is one that an Intentional Home reader sent me:

It's a lot easier to remember to plan your fun summer activities when your list is staring you in the face everyday. . .thus the reason for writing it out and displaying it in your home. Ours hangs in the foyer.

So here's to making our summer days much more intentional.

Here's to actually doing all the fun stuff you always mean to do.

Here's to crossing things off your summer bucket list.

And below are my favorite pics from the sumer so far. This is how I want my kids to remember summer. This is how I want to remember summer.



Three. Such Joy.

We need to start checking off the boxes on our summer bucket list poster. What have you checked off so far?

Today, let's get ready to cross something off. Let's make a list of the ingredients we need to get at the grocery store for those "glow-in-the-dark cupcakes."  Or let's gather the supplies needed for that "art day. " Or let's make phone calls and get the playdates on the calendar. What are you going to cross off next?


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