Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Freeze Milk

When milk goes on sale for $2.50 or below, I stock up. Kroger recently put their milk. . .all kinds. . .skim 1%, 2%, whole, chocolate, and buttermilk gallons on sale for $1.99. When I stock up, I buy 6 gallons, that is about how many gallons we go thru in a month. I put 2 in the fridge and freeze the rest. Yes, milk freezes beautifully!! 

How to Freeze Milk:

Simply pour about a cup of milk out of the gallon. Enjoy a cup!! (especially you under 35 year olds whose bones are still building in mass and strength!!) Or make some pancakes or muffins or just put in fridge for the next person who eats a bowl of cereal. Or perhaps you already have an open jug in the refridge that you can pour the milk into.

The reason you want to pour about a cup out of the jug is the milk will expand in the freezer and you do not want a misshapened jug that will not sit flat on the counter. Or worst, have the jug burst. You need to create space for the milk to expand.

Then just put the jug in the freezer. 

I also freeze milk if we are about to go out of town and we still have half a jug left.

To defrost milk, take the milk out of the freezer about 3 days before you need it and put it in the door of the refridge (the warmest part of the refridge).  Once it is thawed (which takes a long time, like 3 days), shake well and enjoy! Make sure you shake it, especially if you buy the kind with fat in it.

Sometimes to speed up the defrosting process, I will put the frozen jug in the sink for the day. But it still takes all day and then some. So if you are planning on freezing your milk, be sure to take it out a few days before you acually need it.  That is the only down side to freezing milk.

I promise we cannot tell the difference. It does not taste different at all. We especially love that is is sooo cold.

Milk is good for upto a month in the freezer. That is why I only buy the number of gallons I know we will go thru in a month.

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  1. I have never frozen milk, but I have had good results freezing a quiche or breakfast casserole. Might come in handy for egg sales sometime.


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