Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My CVS Shop: Good til 7/14

CVS has some great deals on "teenage food" as my kids like to call it. Otherwise called party food, junk food, going on a trip food.  I got all the below for $13.22. That is 16 items for $13.22 or just 83¢ a piece.

Here is what I did. These deals will be good til Sat, July 14.

Transaction #1:


4 packs of Skittles that are on sale 4/$2                                                                        
box of U Kotex pads that were on sale for $3.99 with $1 ECB back
Venus razor that was on sale for $9.99 with $4 ECB back

So my total was $15.98


2 of the 50¢/2 Skittles coupon from 7/8 RP
$1 U Kotex coupon from 7/8 SS
$4 Venus razor coupon from 6/17 SS

That got my total down to $9.98 plus tax for a grand total of $11.06 out of pocket.  But I got back $5 ECBs.

I then did a 2nd transaction.


4 Dr Pepper 2 liters that are on sale for 5/$5
1 Coke 2 liter that is on sale for 5/$5 

Do note that you have to buy 5 to get this price. If you buy just one 2 liter, it will ring up regular price. Now you can mix and match the 2 liters like I did.  Also note that 5 is the limit of 2 liters you can buy.

3 boxes of Pop Tarts that are on sale 3/$6 (again you have to buy 3 boxes to get this price)

2 boxes of Frosted Flakes that are on sale for 2/$5

That totals to $16 and if you buy $15 worth of the products shown on page 3 of the CVS flier, you get $5 ECBS back.

So I bought the above and then used the following coupons:

2 of $1/2 Dr Pepper coupon from 6/24 SS
2 of the 70¢ Frosted Flakes coupons from 7/8 RP
$1/3 Pop Tart coupon from 6/24 RP

which brought my total down to $11.60.  I then paid with the $5 ECBs from Transaction 1 and got my total down to $6.60 plus tax for a grand total of $7.16 out of pocket.  BUT I got back $5 ECBS

So really it was like spending only $2.16.

So all the above costs me just $13.22. The razor alone would cost you that if you did not shop sales + coupons. That razor is a $12.49 plus tax razor!! Did you go shopping at CVS this week?  Let me know how you did!!


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