Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Day of Summer Fun!

In an attempt to be a fun mom, love up on my kids, and end summer with a bang, I purchased 14 cans of Barbasol shaving cream. $1.16 a can at Walmart. Wish I had had some coupons. But $16 was worth it. I totally surprised my kids.

Over the weekend, I surprised my kids with a shaving cream fight. To celebrate a good summer.

The kids started like this (see below). And for some reason I thought this is how they would look the whole "fight". And I would get artistic, playful, super fun pictures of my kids covered in a dusting of "snow". The shaving cream would land in all the right spots. I am such an artsy romantic. 

It took all of 5 minutes before the kids were big white blobs with every inch of their bodies covered. You could not even see their eyes there was so much shaving cream.

I did make a ground rule that you could only shoot below the nose. And on the little ones, you had to shoot below the neck. Looks like Anna paid attention and still had fun.

But just in case you do not have some rule followers, expect this:

And actions of brotherly love like this:

And if you do try this at home, make sure you do not buy menthol shaving cream because even though you say spray below the eyes, your kids will look like this:

It's best to have a towel on hand. This artsy romantic did not think of that.

Fortunately, my girlfriend who let me use her big backyard did think of a towel. She even let her little ones participate in this crazy idea even though she was convinced someone was gonna get it in their eyes and go forever blind. I have a good girlfriend.

I think the below picture just might be our Chirstmas card for this year. It is so my kids. David paying no mind to me or the fact that I am taking a picture. David just wanting to "shoot" his brother. Daniel experiencing something new, yet again (for those of you who do not know, Daniel just came home from Ethiopia a year ago). Anna and J, such good buddies. And my girly girl Brooke posing like a supermodel. So them. I love them so much.

Perhaps you want to head out to Walmart today and get some cans of Barbasol? Surprise the kids with a first day back to school celebration?  Or save the cans for Friday and have a family fight celebrating the end of the week?

I am sure you will create a memory the kids will not forget.

I was reminded of this idea by one of my favorite blogs, Whatever. Meg's post over at Whatever reminded me that Rob and I once hosted a shaving cream fight at a retreat for the small church we used to attend years ago. (some people thought it was so cool and eagerly jumped in, others thought, well, other things). Anna's entire eigth grade had a shaving cream fight on the last day of school. And Anna was the only one who had a can that shot really far. Here's the secret:

The key to a good "fight" is prepping the cans.

Step 1: Stick a straight pin into the nozzle of the shaving cream. Make sure you use a straight pin without a ball on the end cause those little balls will catch on fire. And fire is involved in Step 2 (much to the delight of my teenage boy).

Srap 2: Melt the nozzle of the shaving cream can so it shrinks around the pin.  You are wanting just a little pin hole in the nozzle so the shaving cream will shoot far.

So melt the plastic around the pin.

Step 3: Before the plastic totally hardens, use a fork to straighten the pin so that the shaving cream will shoot straight. My husband was the one who taught my kids this. Tells you something about his tween and teen years, eh?

Step 4: Once the plastic hardens, pull out the pin and then go create some super fun for your kiddos. It's a perfect activity for those of us with a wide range of kid ages or for all the neighborhood kids or for a bday party or I still think, a church retreat. Let me know if you surprise the kiddos in your life.
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  1. This is awesome!! I loved reading it. :) Thanks for posting all the fun pics! Your kiddos are awesome....

  2. Such a great idea and example of love shown through action. I forget it's ok to get messy and dirty and to just let them have at it sometimes. I know your kids were blessed. Happy End of Summer!

  3. Benj's Kindergarten teacher beat me to the fun. LOL! On the first day of school, as a way to get the kids distracted as parents leave and get them to loosen up, she brings in a cookie sheet for each kid and writes their name on it in shaving cream. Then they are allowed to play in it, draw pictures in it, whatever. It lets her get a chance to comfort the moms (Ha!) and chat and get 'em out the door while the kids are distracted.


  4. Su, what a blast, one of these definitely has to be your Christmas card, wonderful memories.

  5. LOVE this idea!!! Pinning it and hoping to do this when Brody is a bit older (and understands the fun concept of it all). Also great idea for when my nieces and nephew visit us next year. Thanks!

  6. I am going to Walmart to buy some cans tonight. We have a soccer game for Benj in the morning, followed by a football game the girls are cheering, followed by a friend/photographer coming out to do family pictures. I'm gonna surprise the kids with the shaving cream fight as a reward for a very full day and having to deal with taking pictures. (They do candids fine, but cooperation as an entire family for a photo is rare! LOL!)

  7. Does it sting their eyes????? That was my only thought o am a grandma to ten all ages... Looks like lots of fun!

    1. The kids were not crying or complaining. . .even the little ones. But we did have a towel handy for when lots got near the eyes. I think if I did it again. . I would have the kids wear sunglasses or goggles. If you do it with your 10 kids. . you will definitely be grandma of the year :)


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