Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Favorite Deals at Harris Teeter this Week

I wanted to share my favorite deals at Harris Teeter this week. These deals will be good til Tues, 8/28.

-Grapes (green and red) are 97¢ a lb. This is my target price for grapes. I try to never buy grapes unless they are 99¢ or under a lb.  I bought 6 lbs and they were gone in 24 hours.  I will be sure to go back before the week is up and buy more, perhaps 12 or 18 lbs this time? I am still trying to figure what the ideal amount is for my family. I want to have enough for the week but not too many that they go bad before we can eat them all.

- Frozen Morning Star products are on sale 2/$6. Use the 75¢ coupon from 8/5 RP and you get a pack for $1.50.  A GREAT price! We use the veggie sausage patties to make breakfast burritos. My David makes a great big batch of these breakfast burritos and freezes them for school mornings. David's breakfast burrito recipe can be found here.

-Planters Peanut Butter is on sale BOGO. A jar is nomally $3.85. So you can get one jar for $1.93. Use the $1 coupon from 6/24 SS and you can get a jar for 93¢. And you can freezer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.. You can make your own "Uncrustables."  Click here for instructions. 

-Yoplait yogurt is on sale for 10/$6. Use the 50¢ off 8 coupon from 7/8 SS or 8/5 GM and get 8 containers for $3.80 or 48¢ a piece. My kids' favorite are Key Lime Pie and Strawberry/Banana.

-Also the Krusteaz Crumb Cake deal I shared here is still on. I went today and the catalina is still printing. Check out how to combine sale + peelie coupon + catalina to get 35¢ boxes of crumb cake. Again, all details are here.


  1. Awesome deals and I love to see how you use them too! My suggestion (not that you asked) for grapes not going bad, is to freeze them. They are so good frozen! I'm not sure how they would be if you grabbed a baggie and put them in a school lunch (what they would taste like by then), but that might be worth trying too. Frozen grapes are such a great treat though. Now you can buy as many as you want. LOL!

    1. I have heard of people eating frozen grapes, but we have never tried them. I am curious can you freeze them and then defrost them and they are good or do you have to eat them frozen to be good. I will try and let you know :)


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